Copies of any Forward Plans published before May 2007 can be obtained from Committee Services on request.

Decisions published

01/07/2020 - Commercial Property Tenant CVA: Reference: OD06 20 ref: 1934    Recommendations Approved

Commercial Property Tenant CVA

Decision Maker: Executive Director Place

Decision published: 01/07/2020

Effective from: 01/07/2020


To vote in favour of the CVA proposal and the Strategic Property Manager in consultation with the Executive Member (or Leader) to be authorised to make all other decisions and actions necessary in respect of the CVA proposal.

Wards affected: Thetford Boudica; Thetford Burrell; Thetford Castle; Thetford Priory;

Lead officer: Zoe Footer

29/06/2020 - Asset of Community Value - nomination at Foulden ref: 1933    Recommendations Approved

To consider whether to list the White Hart Public House, White Hart Street, Foulden as an asset of community value.

Decision Maker: Executive Member for Community, Leisure & Culture

Decision published: 29/06/2020

Effective from: 07/07/2020


That the property be listed for the reasons as detailed in paragraph 6 of the attached report.

Wards affected: Bedingfeld;

Lead officer: Jacqui Berridge

19/06/2020 - Asset of Community Value Nomination: Watton by Verve (Hare and Barrel), Brandon Road, Watton: Reference: D36/20 ref: 1932    Recommendations Approved

Asset of Community Value Nomination

Decision Maker: Executive Member for Community, Leisure & Culture

Decision published: 19/06/2020

Effective from: 27/06/2020


(a)             That the building be not listed on the grounds that (i) the main building cannot, in the Council's opinion on the facts of the case, be listed separately from the outbuildings; and (ii) the building as a whole is a hotel and therefore exempt from listing; and


(b)             That the building be added to the Council’s register of unsuccessful nominations; and


(c)       That the Executive Director of Place be authorised to (i) validate or invalidate nominations as considered appropriate; and (ii) determine whether nominations are exempt from listing. 


Wards affected: Watton;

Lead officer: Jacqui Berridge

19/06/2020 - Contractual Relief Payments to the Councils Leisure Provider: Reference: D24/20 ref: 1931    Recommendations Approved

To address a request for financial assistance from the Council’s leisure services provider Breckland Leisure Limited.

Decision Maker: Leader of the Council

Decision published: 19/06/2020

Effective from: 19/06/2020


1)     That contractual relief provided under the contract for the qualifying change in law (closure of leisure centres) is effective from the period in which legislation was enforced (21st March 2020) and to extend no further than the end date of the enforced closure.


2)     That the normal monthly unitary charge will continue to be paid in full, as required by the contract


3)     That the Council offers, under the contract, to make additional monthly relief payments to the contractor for a sum of £16,711.08 for April 2020, and similar waiver/payments in other qualifying months based on invoices for costs incurred being reviewed on a month-by-month basis.


4)     That the offer be subject to the following terms and conditions along with any other terms advised by the Council’s lawyers:


a)     Monthly review & reconciliation of invoices, with the Council being able to terminate the payments/waiver of income at such time as it determines at its absolute discretion


b)     That payments are subject to full transparency/open book accounting on the Contractor’s part


c)     That the Council has a right to recover any amount by which the contractor may have been unjustly enriched and/or such amount that the contractor has failed to avail itself of from support that it could reasonably have been obtained elsewhere.


Wards affected: (All Wards);

Lead officer: Richard Shepherd