Issue - decisions

Growth Point Governance and Delivery

14/02/2008 - Growth Point Governance and Delivery

Recommend to Council that:


1)           the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) offer of Growth Point funding as set out in the report of £1,946,579 capital and £202,980 revenue for 2008 to 2009 and an indicative allocation of £3,644,758 capital and £285,572 revenue for 2009 to 2010 in accordance with Section 4(C) of the Council’s Financial Regulations and Finance Procedure Rules Section 3 Budget paragraph 4 be accepted.


2)           CLG Growth Point (GP) be allocated funds as set out in (1) above for use as the core budget for the Thetford Growth Point programme.


3)           the Shadow GP Local Delivery Vehicle (LDV) Structure Model as set out in the report be approved and that it is adopted as the appropriate informal vehicle for the initial governance and delivery of the Thetford Growth Programme in the short term.


4)           that the Leader and Executive Members representing the Council on the GP Board be given the necessary legal and corporate constitutional delegated powers available to make decisions on behalf of the Council and commit budgeted resources outside the normal Committee process but remaining subject to the Councils normal call in procedures.


5)           that Breckland Officers prepare a business plan on the suitability of the Shadow LDV Structure on behalf of the Council and GP partners and submit the business plan to CLG for approval and possible funding by 1st April 2008.


6)           The decisions of the report prepared for the Council’s General Purposes Committee meeting on 30th January 2008 for the recruitment of the core delivery posts both within the GP Delivery Team and Council Teams be agreed.