Issue - decisions

Waste and Related Services Contract

06/12/2019 - Waste and Related Services Contract



1)     the most economically advantageous tender for the contract for the provision of waste and related services submitted by Bidder B is accepted, subject to formal contract and satisfactory conclusion of the statutory standstill time and that the Director of Place is authorised to complete and enter into the Contract;


2)     delegated authority be granted to the Director of Place in consultation with Executive Member for Contracts & Assets and the Executive Member for Finance & Growth, to determine when and whether to implement provisional items (clinical waste collection and garden waste for disposal);


3)     implementation of a food waste collection is not approved from the service commencement date, but the option to implement this in the future following periodic reviews be retained; and


4)     the recruitment of a 2 year fixed term Trade Waste Officer funded from income derived from the delivery of the commercial waste service be supported.


Recommend to FULL COUNCIL that:


5)     up to £5,000,000 approved capital budget be released for the purchase of vehicles and equipment; and


6)     the Council notes the budget implications as set out in Appendix B of the report, and the necessary adjustments be made to the Council budget, including those derived from the Cabinet decision at recommendation 3 above.