Issue - decisions

Active Land Management - Tranche 2

02/12/2010 - Active Land Management - Tranche 2

That the action indicated be taken in respect of the following sites:


(1)         Beeston  - Herne Lane: the small area of land adjacent to the existing properties to be sold for the provision of affordable housing; and the remainder of the site to be offered for sale or lease to the adjacent farmland owner;

(2)         Great Dunham – Litcham Road/South Street: site reference GD1 to be offered to Parish Council to be retained as an area of amenity open space; site reference GD2 to explore the possible extension to existing housing; and GD3, the site to be offered to Anglian Water as an extension to its plant facility, if not forthcoming, offer the land to adjacent owner occupier(s) the opportunity of purchasing extra car parking or garden space, if not forthcoming, the site to be offered to the Parish Council as open space or allotments;

(3)         NectonKetts Hill/St Andrews Lane: a planning application be submitted (any sale to include adjacent wood);

(4)         Shipdham – Chapel Street: to swap site with alternative village owned land, if not forthcoming, the land to be retained by Breckland Council and other options be explored;

(5)         Sporle – Priory Close: to investigate the possible development of extending the existing housing on Priory Close;

(6)         SwaffhamSandringham Way: to investigate a joint venture with adjacent landowner, if unsuccessful, the site to be sold on the open market;

(7)         Swanton Morley – Middleton Avenue: to offer the site for sale for affordable housing;

(8)         Thetford – Ramsey Close – site to be sold on the open market and a contribution be made to Thetford Town Council towards alternative land for allotments; if site is sold Breckland Council must find alternative open space;

(9)         Thetford – The Covert: the site to be offered to Thetford Town Council as an area of open space (to be transferred as seen).