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Standards Committee

Purpose of committee

The Standards Committee consists of 8 Members, comprising 3 Breckland members, 3 Parish representatives and 2 independent people, with the Chairman being an independent.  Its role is to promote high standards of conduct, including advising on any revision of the Members' Code of Conduct, monitoring its operation and granting dispensations.  It considers reports and advice from the Standards Board.   The Committee has responsibilities for the initial assessment of all allegations that a member of the Authority or of a Town/Parish Council in the District may have breached the Code of Conduct, and for any subsequent investigations, decisions and sanctions.  The Committee also oversees amendments to the Council's constitution, monitors the officer employment procedure rules and overviews the whistle blowing policy.


  • Mr Alexander Sommerville CPM   
  • Mrs Janice Smith JP   
  • Mr George Ridgway   

Contact information

Support officer: Committee Services. Tel 01362 656870

Postal address:
Committee Services
Elizabeth House
Walpole Loke
NR19 1EE

Phone: 01362 656870

Fax: 01362 690821