Committee details

Anglia Revenues and Benefits Partnership Joint Committee

Purpose of committee

The Anglia Revenues and Benefits Partnership (ARP) was established by Breckland Council and Forest Heath District Council to jointly manage the delivery of revenue services in partnership to give advantages and economies of scale and provide a robust flexible service.


The Partnership has been expanded to include East Cambridgeshire District Council.


The purpose of the ARP Joint Committee is to discharge the revenues services and benefits functions on behalf of Breckland, Forest Heath and East Cambridgeshire District Councils, including council tax collection, national non-domestic rates collection, council tax benefit and housing benefit as set out in the various relevant Acts.


The Joint Committee has a total of six members (two members for each partner authority, appointed annually).



  • Councillor Sarah Broughton  (Chairman) 
  • Breckland Council  (Vice-Chairman) 
  • Councillor David Ambrose Smith   
  • Councillor Steve Gallant   
  • Councillor Jan French   
  • Councillor Sam Chapman-Allen  (Substitute Member) 
  • Councillor Paul Claussen  (Substitute Member) 
  • Councillor David Brown  (Substitute Member) 
  • Councillor Joshua Schumann  (Substitute Member) 
  • Councillor Kim French  (Substitute Member) 
  • Councillor David Connor  (Substitute Member) 
  • Councillor Sara Mildmay-White  (Substitute Member) 

Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services, Breckland Council. Tel: 01362 656870

Phone: 01362 656343