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Minutes (Agenda item 1)

To confirm the Minutes of the meeting held on 1 June 2010.



Paul Claussen in the Chair


a)                 Minutes (Minute No. 46/10)


Mr W Smith had emailed some notes to the Head of ICT with regard to Minute No. 29/10 of the meeting held on 4 May 2010 concerning the progress of the Licensing Project.  Members were informed that the Business Improvement Team was concentrating on the review and the Head of ICT would be providing further information on this matter later on in this meeting under Agenda item 7.


Referring to the back up generator, which had been discussed at Corporate Management Team (CMT) and was subject to further investigation based on scope of power needs (e.g. was this just comms and ICT equipment or whole of the office, and also whether we purchase or rent), the Chairman advised that this should be covered within the remit of emergency planning. Lady K Fisher felt that a back up generator was needed in case all of the Council’s systems failed.  She asked if this was something that could be hired in an emergency such as a bio-diesel apparatus.  The Chairman pointed out that hiring such equipment would not be the route he would choose due to the potential for demand outstripping supply in the event of major outages.  Further information on the location of a generator would be needed as there was a similar need for the Thetford office (which, it was noted, had a generator but was for the use of the CCTV service only).  It was further noted that there was a generator at the Guildhall in Dereham; therefore, consideration was needed as to whether ICT kit could be reallocated to the Guildhall in the event of an emergency.  The Head of ICT stated that the Emergency Planning Officer and Asset Management should raise this matter at the CMT meetings as it was not strictly an ICT project.


The Senior Accountant advised that she would take this as an action whilst working on the Capital Projects and would make contact with Steve Udberg, the Head of Asset Management.


It was suggested that Breckland Council could also seek to explore reciprocal arrangements with another authority with regard to off site systems recovery.


It was AGREED that a progress report would be brought to a future meeting of the Business Improvement Sub-Committee.


b)           Customer Access Strategy (Minute No. 51/10)


Lady K Fisher reported that she would be contacting the Director of Community Services to come up with a way forward on this matter as the above Strategy, in her opinion, was still not fit for purpose.    It was pointed out that the use of the © mark on Council scripts was still debateable.  


c)            ICT Security Policy (Minute No. 52/10)


Members were informed that changes to the Policy had now been incorporated and the document was on the Agenda for the forthcoming meeting of the Local Joint Consultative Committee and the Executive Board.  Unison had suggested some useful points which had been incorporated in the revised document.


The Chairman asked how Breckland and ARP employees fitted into the Policy as each had a different set of rules. The Head of ICT explained that the policies would be fairly generic 


d)           Minutes


Subject to all the aforementioned comments, the Minutes of the meeting held on 1 June 2010 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


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