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Snetterton:Land at Snetterton Park and Land at Ship's Galley Restaurant, Harling Road: Demolition of existing buildings, erection of 4 B1 units, car parking, laying out of access and servicing roads, landscape, etc for Cliffsky Limited: 3PL/2007/1820/0 & & 3PL/2009/1204/F (Agenda Item 9)

Report of the Deputy Chief Executive.


This application concerned proposals to redevelop the existing Snetterton Sunday market site.   The PPO MP reminded Members that outline permission had been granted for a new business park on adjacent land, which was owned by Motor Sport Vision.


From a policy perspective, Snetterton Heath had been identified as a strategic location for employment development.  Whilst a large part of this application was not actually within the designated employment area, and would therefore require some justification, the PPO MP believed that it could be argued that part of the proposal was effectively an expansion of the existing toy and model business.   Where appropriate, matters would be brought before future Committee meetings.  In addition, the Tank Museum and Exposition buildings both needed large areas, and appropriate access to the primary road network.  The proposed business units would also link to, and feed off, visitors attracted to the rest of the site.


The agents acting on behalf of the circuit (Motor Sport Vision) had been generally supportive, but had raised a few concerns about increased traffic.  Various letters of support had been received from local businesses and key toy manufacturers.


With regard to the retail elements there would be a significant reduction in overall floor space. 


The proposal was seen as an opportunity to enhance the wider policy objectives for the area, with a recommendation for approval, subject to listed conditions and a S.106 Agreement. 


Mr S. Askew, Ward representative, felt that overall this project was positive and would rejuvenate the site.  He therefore welcomed the proposals, albeit with concerns about relevant conditions, including: 


  • adequate screening adjacent to the proposed hotel;
  • suitable measures to be taken in terms of noise/bounce from any proposed development;
  • clear and adequate road signage.


Other points raised in discussion included:


  • It was generally felt to be an exciting proposition, along the A11 corridor and in an area which was already popular for visitors, especially for the Sunday markets.


  • Members were keen that there should be a proper Business Plan in place for the whole package.


  • Whilst the proposed new market would comprise lock down units, with shutters, there would be scope for a limited number of fold-away stalls in the market square itself. 


  • It was acknowledged that the establishment of a more formal retail centre on site, with permission to trade for seven days per week during the season, would bring with it an element of competition to local towns.   However, there would be conditions imposed as to the type of goods allowed on site.  It was also noted that many stallholders would only wish to trade on site at the weekends.


  • It was confirmed that both the Highway Agency and Local Authority were satisfied that the existing road network could cope with likely traffic loads.


  • Snetterton Parish Council had no planning issues with the application.  However, they were concerned that the new development should be compatible with ongoing plans for the development at the race track. 




1)                 full planning permission be granted for the main site, comprising the development of a Model & Toy Expo, tank museum, garden centre and a covered market, to include ancillary retails areas, a café and an outdoor play area subject to conditions and a S.106 Agreement (3PL/2009/1204/F); and


2)                 outline planning permission be granted for the development of four B1 business units on other parcels of land which formed part of the market site (3PL/2007/1820/O).


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