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3PL/2009/0715/F: Lyng: Lakeside Country Club, Quarry Lane: Erection of holiday accommodation for Lakeside Country Club (Agenda Item 10)

Report of the Deputy Chief Executive.


The Principal Planning Officer (Major Projects) introduced this application for the erection of 10 units of additional holiday accommodation in two 3-storey blocks (designed to exactly match existing), with retrospective permission sought for an internal access road.


Evidence of the need for the additional accommodation had been supplied by the applicant and this met the policy requirements.  The club was within walking distance of the village and the units would be built to a good standard, so sustainability requirements were also met.  The effect on the surrounding area was considered to be minimal although it was acknowledged that the new internal road passed close to two residential properties.  The applicant operated a one way system on this road, which accessed one wing of accommodation and had offered to provide further planting to the boundary to mitigate its effects; it was not considered a sufficient reason for refusal.


The main issue was the fact that the blocks were to be positioned on the edge of an area classified as Flood Zone 2.  Part of the site was in Flood Zone 1 where risk was lower and development should be encouraged to take place. However, as the new blocks were a continuation of previous development and placed to maximise the benefits of fishing and wildlife for visitors, Officers considered that it was acceptable and were recommending approval.


Mr Lumbley, for the Parish Council, objected to the development which he said was on an urban scale.  The buildings would impact on the village and the Wensum Valley.  The new road was too close to the neighbouring properties to allow for additional landscaping. The camp caused light pollution and the site had previously been flooded.


Mr Clarke, Agent, said that there had been huge investment over the last 12 months with rebranding and new management.  The lakes had been restocked and a strict maintenance programme introduced.  Trail walks around the lakes were open to locals.  They were working with professionals to market the camp through the website, promoting the park and the Wensum Valley.  The apartments were being upgraded using sustainable materials and solar panels and the development would provide employment for local people.


Mr Bambridge, Ward Representative, said that he normally supported local businesses but there were a number of issues in this case.  He did not feel that the need for the extra accommodation had been proven; he was concerned about the flood risk; and he was also concerned about the long term effects on the Wensum Valley.  There had been complaints about the condition of the original access road, which should be conditioned for improvement if approval was given and the problems of the new road needed to be addressed.


Members discussed occupancy figures, future bookings and potential conditions.


The Principal Planning Officer (Major Projects) suggested that any approval should be subject to confirmation that the Environment Agency did not object.  He agreed that the internal access road did not have much room for additional planting and said that acoustic fencing could be conditioned.  He suggested that the applicant could be invited to address the external lighting and existing access road issues.


Mr Clarke, Agent, said that they were already preparing to improve the road surface and would be willing to look at providing hoods to the lights to reduce pollution.  He also mentioned that in March 2009 when restocking the lakes, they had been required to ensure that the bunding around the lakes could cope with a one in one hundred year plus climate change flood.


RESOLVED that the application be deferred and the officers authorised to grant approval, subject to conditions, on completion of a section 106 agreement limiting the occupancy of the units to holiday accommodation only.


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