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Schedule of Planning Applications (Schedule Item 10)

To consider the Schedule of Planning Applications:


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H Irwin Ltd




Mr Philip Hodson




Mr I Haynes




Mr T Wells




Mr T H & Mr P H Day




Mr R Storey & Ms S Moden




Mr S Mellor

Great Ellingham



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RESOLVED that the applications be determined as follows:


(a)       Item 1: 3PL/2008/0497/F: Griston: Willow Fields Farm, Caston Road: Siting of mobile home for temporary period for H Irwin Ltd


This application for temporary permission to stand a mobile home followed a previous refusal.  New supporting information had been provided from an independent technical advisor. 


The accommodation would allow a stockman to live on-site and provide 24/7 supervision and security for the existing free range chicken enterprise.


The mobile home would be well screened by mature vegetation.


Mr Sutton, Agent and Mr Irwin, Applicant explained that the site had the potential to hold more arcs and a greater number of chickens, but a permanent presence on-site was necessary as early and late checks were carried out seven days a week.  There was also the need to protect against predators, prevent intruders and maintain bio-security.


Mr Rogers, Ward Representative, supported the Parish Council’s objection.  He said there were properties available to rent in the area and that night work only occurred on a few days per year when the birds were caught.


A Member who had attended two recent appeals on similar proposals said that it was clear that the financial test was satisfied and the need for security was acknowledged in this case.  Only the sequential test on alternative accommodation remained to be satisfied.


After discussion is was generally agreed that on-site accommodation was warranted to provide the degree of supervision and security required.


A Member asked why permission had not been sought for a permanent dwelling and it was explained that until an enterprise had been in existence for more than five years, Government guidance recommended temporary approval only.


Approved, as recommended, subject to an additional drainage condition.


(b)       Item 2: 3PL/2008/1419/F: Brettenham: Home Farm, Shadwell: Change of Use to mixed agricultural and equine use and the construction of an all weather gallop and two stables consisting of six boxes each for Mr P Hodson


Approved.  See Minute No 50/09 above.


            Item 3: 3PL/2008/1522/O: Attleborough: The Foundry, Foundry Corner, Buckenham Road: Erection of dwelling and garage/carport for Mr I Haynes


Outline planning permission for a dwelling already existed on this site but the siting was contrived to place the proposal within the Settlement Boundary.  This outline application, with all matters reserved, sought permission to place the new dwelling outside the Settlement Boundary.


It was felt that a high quality design in a position further back in the site would improve the appearance and be more attractive for the character of the area.  An indicative plan had been received to demonstrate this.


Mr Stasiak, Ward Representative, spoke in support of this application.  He felt that negotiations had led to a satisfactory conclusion and he asked Members to approve the proposal.


A Member was concerned that this was only an outline application and that there would be no way to ensure the high quality design desired.


The Development Services Manager felt that to allow the re-arrangement would provide a better relationship with adjacent properties.  The principle of development was already approved and design could be controlled by condition.


Approved, as recommended.


(d)       Item 4: 3PL/2008/1621/O: Watton: Westbury, 51 Thetford Road: Demolition of outbuildings, improvement of existing access, erection of 5 dwellings and garages and retention of existing house for Mr T Wells


Councillor Bowes declared a personal and prejudicial interest in this item and left the room whilst it was discussed.


This outline application sought permission for five new dwellings in the grounds of an existing house which would be retained.  The site was adjacent to that of an application for eight dwellings which had been approved at the previous Committee meeting.


Concerns raised by the Tree Officer about the effects on a Protected Tree had been addressed by the re-siting of the dwelling proposed on Plot 2b. 


Density was similar to the surrounding area and there would be no detrimental impact on neighbours.


Mr McFarlane-Holt, Agent, was present to answer questions.


The Chairman felt it was a shame that the existing house would have two new houses in front of it.  Other Members agreed and regretted the loss of the large front lawn and view of the house from the street scene.


A Member suggested that if the new house immediately between the existing house and the road was removed from the proposal it would be acceptable and this was agreed.


Deferred and the officers authorised to grant approval following negotiations to remove the house at Plot 2b.


It was confirmed that if negotiations were unsuccessful the application would be returned to Committee for reconsideration.


(e)       Item 5: 3PL/2008/1672/F: Besthorpe: Attleborough Fish Farm, Norwich Road: Three bedroom house to supervise and maintain fish farm and associated business for Mr T H & Mr P H Day


Withdrawn.  See Minute No 48/09 above.


(f)         Item 6: 3PL/2009/0092/F: Horningtoft: Elmroyd, Oxwick Road: Part demolition of existing and extensions at ground and first floor levels proposed for Mr R Storey and Ms S Moden


This full application proposed the partial demolition of a single storey dwelling and extensions at ground and first floor to create a chalet style property.


Following investigations by the Enforcement department with regard to a new fence, no further action would be taken.  The new access did not require planning permission.  Visibility issues would be dealt with by condition.


The proposed design was considered acceptable and an improvement on the existing.


A Member agreed that the proposal was a huge improvement and asked if the colour of the render could be conditioned.  Another Member confirmed that very little traffic used the lane.


Approved, as recommended.


(g)       Item 7: 3PL/2009/0095: Great Ellingham: Building Plot at Attleborough Road: erection of pair of semi-detached cottages to replace single detached bungalow (already approved)


This application sought full planning permission for a pair of semi-detached cottages on a building plot outside the Settlement Boundary.  The site already had extant permission for a single dwelling and was surrounded by other development.


An independent noise survey had been submitted with the application which indicated that a solid fence would be required to the rear boundary between the dwellings and an existing scrap yard business.


Officers considered that a refusal could not be justified and that an exception to policy was acceptable in this case.


The agent had accepted suggestions to improve the appearance of the front elevation and amendments included a brick plinth, arches over the windows and a downpipe to break up the appearance.


A Member was concerned that the development might lead to future conflict with the scrap yard business and wanted reassurance that the acoustic fencing would be conditioned.


The Development Services Manager accepted these concerns and said that a previous proposal had been refused on noise grounds.  The fencing would be conditioned.  It was also likely that the occupants of the new cottages would be involved in the scrap yard business.


Approved, as recommended.


(h)   Item 8: 3PL/2009/0123/O: Caston: Plot 1, Rear of White House, The Street: Revised house type for Plot 1 from semi-detached to linked detached (previous application 3PL/2008/0975/O) for Miss Anne Bustard


This outline application sought approval to amend the layout of an existing permission, previously approved by the Committee. 


Concerns had been raised that the revised layout would give the appearance of a continuous row of buildings.  The revision would bring one dwelling closer to the White House, but it was not felt that there would be any effect on neighbours.


Any approval would require a new legal agreement.


Mr Taylor, Agent, asked that this minor amendment be approved to improve the overall appearance and to re-create the original barn complex.  It would also provide improved access to Plot 1 and contribute a degree of privacy to Plots 1 and 2.


A Member was concerned that a window in the end gable of the house which would be closer to the White House might cause overlooking and the agent agreed that this would be removed.


Deferred and the officers authorised to grant approval, subject to conditions, on completion of the section 106 agreement.


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