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Deferred Applications (Agenda Item 11)

To consider applications deferred at previous meetings including some, but not all, of those shown on the attached Schedule of Deferred Applications.


(a)       Harling: Proposed residential development, Lopham Road: Applicant Mr A Taylor/Mr D Taylor:  Reference: 3PL/2008/0579/F


This application was deferred, see Minute No 158/08.


(b)       Snetterton: Proposed business park and alterations to racing circuit: Harling Road for Motorsport Vision Limited:  Reference 3PL/2008/0600/O


The Principal Planning Officer (Major Projects) reminded Members that this application had been deferred on 21 July 2008 for further discussions re noise control and retail uses.


A large number of letters of objection had been received since then, most concerned with noise issues.


Progress had been made and a revised Noise Management Plan had been submitted.  This was a very useful document but it would be unreasonable to expect it to resolve all the noise issues.  Members needed to consider if the proposals in the plan would deal with increased noise from the planning application.


Some of the proposals in the Noise Management Plan were:


·                    No increase in the current maximum number of vehicles allowed to use the track at any one time.

·                    Limit of four Class 3 events per year

·                    One x 12hour and one x 24 hour Class 1 and 2 events per year

·                    Hours restrictions

·                    Noise limits and changes to noise testing

·                    Track day and testing restrictions

·                    Communications to local residents re forthcoming events.


In respect of retail uses a number of conditions had been agreed, limiting the sale of goods and restricting the size of the units.


The Council’s Head of Economic Development said this potential investment was crucial to growth plans for the A11. 


Mr Moses, an objector, explained that he had no objection to the development of the hotel and shops.  His main concern was noise.  He had been complaining since 2005 and despite the Noise Abatement Notice served in January 2007, there had been no reduction whatsoever.  He was concerned that work on the bund had stopped and wanted assurance that it would be completed before the new track developments.


Mr Palmer, Chief Executive of Motorsport Vision, explained his history with the circuit since 1975.  He became owner in 2004  and transformed it into a smart circuit.  He was excited at the prospect of enhancing the circuit and recognised the importance of working with local people and the Council.


Mr Houghton, Agent, said that the proposal would be a high quality development on a designated employment site.  The Noise Management Plan had evolved through consultation and struck a balance between business needs and the residents’ concerns. 


Mr Askew, Ward Representative, had seen the Noise Management Plan and had concerns about the noise monitoring arrangements.  He was not convinced this was the best solution for residents as track monitoring would not commence until March 2010.  He felt all measures needed to be in place and drive-by monitoring needed exploring.  He welcomed the economic benefits but was concerned about the physical control of noise and monitoring.


The Council’s Solicitor reminded Members that they were not looking at the noise problems of the whole site; they were looking at the planning application and any additional noise it may cause.


Members discussed the concerns.  The difference between silenced and un-silenced racing and the proposed noise monitoring methods was explained.  It was clarified that currently there were no planning controls on noise at the site and that the Noise Management Plan was a document that could be reviewed to respond to changes.


The Chairman asked why the bund had not been completed and it was confirmed that it would be finished by January/February 2009.


RESOLVED to approve the application subject to an additional condition that the bund should be completed before the alterations to the circuit were used.


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