Agenda item

Local Housing Allowance - Policy Review (Agenda item 13)

To consider the following draft policies which have been reviewed to meet the requirements of the Local Housing Allowance scheme:


A number of policies needed to be adapted to take account of the new Local Housing Allowance.  This was a major change in benefit provision and necessitated amendments to a number of policies which needed to include reference to the scheme.


Copies of the policies, showing the suggested amendments to the existing text, were tabled.


The changes proposed to the policies were purely to take account of the new provisions and otherwise involved no variation of policy.  These changes were within the remit of the Joint Committee and would be brought to the attention of the partner authorities through the reference of the minutes of this meeting to them.


RESOLVED that the proposed amendments be accepted in respect of the ARP policies in respect of:


  • Appeals and procedure
  • Debt management recovery
  • Discretionary housing payment
  • Methods of benefits payments
  • Overpayments
  • Counter fraud
  • Right off
  • Post opening
  • Staff training and development
  • Code of conduct and safety.


Supporting documents: