Agenda item

Appointment of Chief Executive Officer (Agenda item 9)

Report of Leader of the Council, Councillor Sam Chapman-Allen.


The Leader, Councillor Sam Chapman-Allen presented the report and thanked Councillor Claussen and Councillor Jermy for giving up their time to attend the Appointments & Disciplinary Committee meeting held on 24 September 2021.


He reminded Members of the process that had been undertaken which was discussed at the previous Council meeting in September but for clarity the process was explained again.


The Appointments & Disciplinary Committee meeting had been supported independently, external to the Council, as highlighted in the Minutes.


The recommendations were then proposed and seconded.


Councillor Birt was disappointed that an agenda had not been disclosed ahead of the Appointments & Disciplinary Committee meeting to provide Members with an opportunity to feedback any questions to that Committee for consideration and would not be supporting the recommendations for various reasons.


Councillor Atterwill had been very impressed with the Senior Management Team in how they had dealt with everything over the past 18 months and at this moment in time this was, in his opinion, exactly the right decision for this Council and he was very happy to second the proposal.  He welcomed the recommendations and looked forward to working with the Senior Management Team in future and congratulated Maxine O’Mahony on her forthcoming appointment.


Members concurred with Councillor Atterwill’s comments.


Councillor Jermy, the Leader of the Labour Group stated that Members would have been well aware that the Appointments & Disciplinary Committee would be conducting this meeting and therefore felt that Members would have had the opportunity to submit questions. For reassurance, he informed Councillor Birt that all the questions that he wanted to ask at the meeting were asked.  It was a very full and comprehensive process and the candidate with her many years of experience passed with flying colours and he wished Maxine all the very best.


Rob Walker, the Executive Director for Place & Delivery confirmed that an agenda was published and circulated to all Members before the Appointments & Disciplinary Committee took place.


Councillor Oliver also said a few words and supported the recommendations.


Subject to one vote against the recommendations and one abstention, it was




(1)             pursuant to the recommendation of the Appointments and Disciplinary Panel on the 24 September 2021, Council agreed the following:


A)     that Maxine O’Mahony be appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Breckland Council;


B)     that the appointment of Maxine O’Mahony is effective from 14 October 2021.


On behalf of the Council, the Leader congratulated Maxine O’Mahony on her appointment as the new Chief Executive for Breckland Council. He asked the Chairman if it would be appropriate if Maxine said a few words.


The Chairman also congratulated Maxine and looked forward to working with her moving forward.


The newly appointed Chief Executive thanked the Chairman, Members and Officers and was delighted with all the support she had received.  She was Breckland born and bred and had worked for the Council for 14 years in various positions and loved the place and the people, it was truly in her DNA and she could not be more pleased to be in this position.   Breckland Council had had some great Chief Executives throughout the years, and she promised that she would work tirelessly with all Members and Officers to be the best Chief Executive.  This Council had always had a great team spirit and it had been amazing how everyone had pulled together throughout this pandemic and #Team Breckland (as she called it now) had an ambitious vision for the future. She thanked everyone once again who had entrusted her with this opportunity and to make a real difference and she could not wait to get started.   

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