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Schedule of Planning Applications (Agenda item 10)

To consider the Schedule of Planning Applications:


Item No



Page No


Mr N Melton




Beres Developments Ltd




Kester Cunningham John




Land & New Homes

North Elmham



Flagship Housing Group




MSM Property Services Ltd




Miss T Mays

Little Ellingham



Norfolk Homes Ltd




Mr & Mrs T Partridge




H G Developments




Mr & Mrs C Smith




Hastoe Housing Association





RESOLVED that the applications be determined in accordance with the recommendations contained in the Schedule, subject to the following conditions and amendments:


a)           Item 1: 3PL/2007/1449/O: Hockering: Mattishall Road: Replacement of caravans with two dwellings for Mr N Melton


Approved, as recommended, subject to a further condition to include the removal of permitted development rights from both dwellings.


b)           Item 2: 3PL/2007/1569/F: Wretham: Stonebridge Camp, Thetford Road, Stonebridge: Development of Stonebridge Camp including removal of all buildings and erection of 27 dwellings (2, 3, 4, & 5 bed units) and associated works for Beres Developments Ltd


This item was considered in conjunction with Agenda item 9 (Minute No. 17/01 above refers).


c)            Item 3: 3PL/2007/1595/F: Watton: 1 High Street: Conversion and extension of existing building to form 13 new apartments for Kester Cunningham John


Approved, as recommended.


d)           Item 4: 3PL/2007/1688/O: North Elmham: Site adjacent 7 Station Road: Proposed residential development site for Land & New Homes


Deferred, contrary to the recommendation, for further information to be obtained on foul drainage and road and rail crossing concerns, and for negotiation on the layout.


e)           Item 5: 3PL/2007/1767/F: Thetford: Garage Court, Fir Road: Demolition of existing garages for the redevelopment of 5 dwellings and associated parking for Flagship Housing Group


Deferred, contrary to the recommendation, but the Officers, in consultation with the Chairman, be authorised to approve subject to amendments to parking and layout (particularly with regard to plots 4 and 5).

Members also felt that Breckland’s Tree and Countryside Officer should visit the site to investigate the option of issuing a Tree Preservation Order in relation to the mature trees on the site.


f)              Item 6: 3PL/2007/1783/F: Dereham: Rear to 1 – 5 Clifton Terrace: Proposed demolition of existing garages and construction of 8 flats and one 2 bed room house for MSM Property Services Ltd


Approved, as recommended, subject to a further condition to incorporate a number of blind windows to the blank elevations.


g)           Item 7: 3PL/2007/1796/F: Little Ellingham: Land adjoining Hambledowns, 5 The Green: New dwelling with double garage (plot 2) for Miss T Mays


Refused, contrary to the recommendation.  Members felt that the proposal constituted overdevelopment of the site that would result in a form of development that was out of keeping with the character of the area.  Members also felt that a further dwelling on the site would cause disturbance to neighbouring properties.


Mr Smith, the Ward Representative had been asked to speak on behalf of Little Ellingham Parish Council and on behalf of a number of residents.  Photographs were displayed of the access to the site which illustrated that there would not be an adequate turning point provided for vehicles.  Mr Smith expressed further concerns relating to drainage and highway issues, and with the number of trees that had already been removed prior to the submission of the plans.


h)            Item 8: 3PL/2007/1800/D: Dereham: Moorgate Business Centre, South Green: Residential Development for Norfolk Homes Ltd


Approved, as recommended, on the basis that the open space would be adopted and passed on to the Town Council.


i)              Item 9: 3PL/2007/1816/F: Yaxham: Hill House, Mattishall Road, Clint Green: Replacement of ‘Hill House’ with 2 detached dwellings for Mr & Mrs T Partridge


Refused, contrary to the recommendation, on the following grounds:


i)       overdevelopment;

ii)      poor design;

iii)          site layout; and

iv)     that the proposal failed to enhance the form and character of the area.


Members considered that the scheme did not represent an improvement to the area and felt that one dwelling, or to restore the existing dwelling, would be favoured.


j)              Item 10: 3Pl/2007/1890/LB: Thetford: Abbey Barns, Monksgate: Conversion of unlisted barn to six dwellings and demolition of other unlisted buildings for H G Developments


Approved as recommended.


k)            Item 11: 3PL/2007/2002/F: Yaxham: Land adjacent Down Ampney, Well Hill: Proposed dwelling and garage for Mr & Mrs C Smith


Refused, contrary to the recommendation.  Members considered that a further dwelling on this site constituted overdevelopment of the area and would result in a form of development which was out of keeping with the character of the area.


Mr Jordan, the Ward Representative, was in attendance and spoke against the application.  He advised that a great deal of local interest had been generated by the application raising concerns about changing the character of Clint Green which, in the opinion of the residents, should be retained as a hamlet to Yaxham.


l)              Item 12: 3Pl/2007/2038/F: Ashill: Site off Dunnetts Close: Low cost housing development scheme for 12 dwellings (resubmission) for Hastoe Housing Association)


Approved, as recommended, subject to an additional condition to require the details of slab levels, and subject to further discussion with the applicant on roofing materials.  Members were pleased with the re-submitted design but asked the Officers to try and secure clay pantiles if possible.


Notes to the Schedule


The following persons were in attendance to speak on the following items:


Item No.


Agenda item 2 (Wretham)

Mr Cowen, Ward Representative, in support

Mr Kitson, Parish Council

Mr Williams, Applicant’s Agent


Mr Thomas, Objector


Mrs Richmond, Objector

Mr Banning, Applicant

Mr Bailey, Applicant’s Agent


Mr Smith, Ward Representative, spoke against the application

Mr Hurrell, Applicant’s Agent


Mr Jordan, Ward Representative, spoke against the application

Mr Crummett, Parish Council


Mr Wilson, Objector


Mr Jordan, Ward Representative, spoke against the application

Mr Crummett, Parish Council

Mr Lowings, Supporter

Mr & Mrs Smith, Applicants


Mrs Ball, Ward Representative, in support of the application

Mr Retchless, Applicant’s Agent

Miss M Stephan, on behalf of the applicant


The Committee was made aware of the following amendment to the Agenda:


Item 6: Dereham – the proposal should have read: for the construction of eight flats” and not ten.


Written representations taken into account


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