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Growth Point Governance and Delivery (Agenda Item 6)

Report of the Executive Members for the Commercial and Planning Portfolios.


The Economic Development and Regeneration Manager presented a report which explained the background to the Thetford Growth Point and set-out a proposed team structure to successfully deliver the Thetford Growth Point Programme.


Even though the Core Delivery Team was a small team it needed to be permanent and constant in order to properly manage the Thetford Growth Point.  If the team did not deliver in the first 3 years it could result in reduced funding.  However, if successful it may be necessary to expand in the future.  Consultants would be contracted when specific skills were needed to deliver projects. 


With regard to the financial aspect of the Growth Point any funding awarded by the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) would be used to attract additional grants through match funding.  It was noted that the CLG had been requested to provide additional direct revenue funding which could be granted annually to fund the delivery.


In response to queries regarding whether Breckland would be responsible for providing IT equipment, Members were informed that although the posts would be hosted by Breckland Council they would be funded by an external source and it was hoped that this would cover IT equipment.  Members were further informed that funding would be give upfront for the 3 years and interest could be earned on that funding.


It was understood that the Principal Planning Officer and the Policy Planning Officer were already in post and these had been funded from the Planning
Delivery Grant, LAGBI and Breckland Council.  However, it was understood that if the revenue funding was forthcoming the contribution by Breckland Council would be returned back to budget. 


The Growth Point Delivery Board would provide a steer to the projects but any financial or planning implications would be considered by Breckland Council.  As well as the Norfolk County Council and Thetford Town Council the CLG had suggested that the Board should comprise other possible funding partners such as EEDA and English Partnership.  The private sector should be represented by the chamber of commerce, land owners and local businesses.  Furthermore, other agencies such as the Primary Care Trusts and the Forestry Commission should be considered as members.  It was noted that if another agency was financing and delivering a project they would be the appropriate accountable body..


It was understood that whilst Members were being requested to underwrite over £600,000, the Growth Point Delivery Grant would be forthcoming.


The officers were thanked for producing such a clear and transparent report on what seemed to be a complicated project.




(1)     Members receive regular quarterly reports detailing any changes to staffing required as a result of the submission of the business plan to the Department for Communities and Local Government for formal approval of funding or due to regular fit for purpose reviews; and


(2)     the recruitment of the core delivery posts within the GP Delivery Team and Council Teams as set out in this report be agreed as permanent posts as follows:-


GP Delivery Team Member / Department Staff Resource







Estimated Cost over next 3 years

(to be underwritten by BDC)

Estimated Cost to be actually incurred by BDC*

GP Programme Manager






Team Support

PTE (3 days)






Principal Planning Officer








Planning Policy Officer






Senior Claims Officer













Annual costs

Yr 0                 £5,528

Yr 1                 £178,349

Yr 2                 £188,951

Yr 3                 £199,608

Total               £572,436

IT & equip     £6,000 (£1,200 per person)

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