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Cabinet Minutes (Agenda item 8)

Unconfirmed minutes of the Cabinet meeting held on 14 October 2019.


It was noted that the recommendations contained on page 21 and page 22 of the agenda pack (Minute Nos. 71/19 and 72/19) would be dealt with under agenda items 15 and 16.


a)    Norfolk FA Artificial Grass Pitch Project (Breckland Leisure Centre & Waterworld) (Minute No. 73/19)


Councillor Jermy was delighted to see the recommendation to Council from the Cabinet meeting and welcomed the investment in sports infrastructure in the District.  He was pleased that Thetford was set to receive much improved facilities for football; however, as the Leader and the Executive Member, Councillor Mark Robinson were aware, there was quite a significant concern in the town about these proposals for the reason that if they were to be progressed in their current form, without other plans being developed, it would remove from Thetford the only location where hockey could be played.  He therefore proposed that the recommendation that was before Members should be amended to reflect those concerns and to provide some reassurance and suggested that at the end of the sentence the following wording be inserted:  ‘Breckland Council commits to working to ensure that a facility remains in Thetford that was suitable for hockey to be played’. By accepting this amendment the Council would be acknowledging the unintended consequences of what the Council was seeking to do and provide reassurance that hockey was as important as football.


The proposal was seconded.


Mark Stinson, the Executive Manager for Governance advised that technically, the correct way to approach this was either to move an amendment once the recommendation had been moved and seconded, or if the Cabinet supported the proposal, to incorporate the same when moving the recommendations.


The Cabinet Member accepted the amendment, and it was




1.     all grant funding be accepted including the contribution from Parkwood and the necessary budgets be set up to spend the grant; and

2.     Breckland Council commits to working to ensure that a facility remained in Thetford that was suitable for hockey to be played.


Councillor Gilbert mentioned the need for such a pitch at the Sports Centre in Watton as the current pitch was constantly being patched up.  Rob Walker, the Executive Director for Place stated that he was aware of the problems and had been working with the Sports Centre on a number of occasions to improve the pitch.


Councillor Terry pointed out that he had attended a meeting with representatives from Thetford Town Football Club who had registered an interest in having a 3G football pitch being laid on their existing ground. 


The Leader welcomed all comments but reminded Members that these were the unconfirmed Minutes that were being discussed and all would have had the opportunity to attend the Cabinet meeting to debate such matters. He welcomed Councillor Jermy’s amendment, and had acknowledged the fact that the Cabinet Member had agreed to accept that amendment. 


Councillor Borrett totally concurred with the Leader’s comments.  He felt that Breckland Council should be congratulated for proposing to spend £96k on sports facilities in Thetford.


Councillor Brindle said that Thetford was indeed delighted, it was the issue of the Hockey Club that was the concern.  Councillor Terry agreed.


Councillor Robinson, the Executive Member for Community, Leisure & Culture was aware of all the concerns raised and pointed out that Breckland Council would continue to work with Norfolk FA and local clubs that would be affected.


b)    Breckland Bridge Extension (Minute No. 78/19)


Subject to one abstention, it was




a)     the new business plan be agreed as outlined in summary in Table 3 of the Cabinet report;


b)     the financial requirements of the business plan be agreed and delegate the S.151 Officer to undertake any related ancillary matters in order to implement the recommendations of the report and amend the capital and revenue budgets and any other on-going expenditure and release of funding including the following:


(i)               award loans in accordance with the Council’s adopted Treasury Management Policy;


(ii)              release up to £20,000 for the legal fees to undertake the legal due diligence and extension documentation; and


(iii)            provide the funding and approval of the provision of the client support post.


c)     Adoption


RESOLVED that the unconfirmed Minutes of the Cabinet meeting held on 14 October 2019 be adopted.

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