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Additional Item - Document Management System


Members of the Development Control team had been invited to attend for this item.


Kevin Rump, the Council’s ICT Project Manager and Aileen Carlisle, a Planning Consultant, provided Members with examples of Document Management Systems currently used by other authorities, one of which was Gateshead Council.


Through this Document Management System the public were able to view submitted application forms, drawings and attachments, view appeal details, comment on current applications, track the process of applications, view reports on decision notices and find property information via a map based search.  Gateshead Council use the Comino System and was the first website out of all the sites visits that were carried out, that allowed the public to be able to view and take measurements of the plans on line.


Breckland Council’s aim in producing such a system, although being of a similar view, would aim to reduce the amount of clicks to search for planning applications.  All plans would be scanned and would include the measuring tool.  There would be a folder available which would contain all of the Council’s development plans.  Scanning could be carried out either in-house, by employing temporary staff, or by outsourcing the work; however, with either option, the Council would have to look at the risks involved and therefore further investigations would be carried out.


Tandridge Council’s website was also viewed.  This website had a facility that enabled the public to find exactly what was available in the area; for example where all the recycling banks were.


Mr Rump felt that the system would be a major step forward for Breckland Council and he was keen to have the facility up and running by April 2008.  He pointed out that Breckland, through expansion of the Comino system, would have the ability to be used as a Document Management System for other areas such as Finance.


A Member asked how much of the applicant’s personal information would be available on-line as she was concerned with data protection.  In response, the Committee was advised that the software that would be installed would sit with a Redaction software package that would automatically blank out personal information; this was in line with the Data Protection Act.


In response to a question concerning the current work flow system, Mr Rump advised that there would be a workflow package module as part of the purchased system but it would be sensible to come back to this after successfully implementing the system.


A Member asked the ICT Project Manager whether the development of virtual realities of cities and towns could be kept in mind.


The links and how to access the site were provided as follows:

1) Go to application search

2) Enter dc/07/00001 under the application reference field, click search

3) Press the “Click to view” button

4) Click on the tab “associated documents”

5) Click on the “View Associated Documents” button


This will take you into the Comino/Civica Document Management System where you can then view documents related to that Application.


The Chairman thanked Kevin Rump and Aileen Carlisle for an informative presentation.




At the end of the meeting the Chairman and the Development Services Manager wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.