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Corporate Plan 2019-2023 (Agenda item 13)

Report of Councillor Sam Chapman-Allen, Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Corporate Strategy and Investment.


The Deputy Leader & Executive Member for Corporate Strategy and Investment, Councillor Sam Chapman-Allen presented the Corporate Plan for the period 2019-2023 to Council for adoption.


The Deputy Leader thanked all Members and Officers within the authority for their input throughout this process.  The layout and design had been changed and it had a strategic vision throughout being ‘Breckland: A place where people and business can thrive’ and he felt that the budget presentation that everyone had seen had reinforced some of those opportunities and successes over the last four years.  The Corporate Plan was fundamentally linked to all aspects of the Council and was classed as the ‘golden thread’ that linked its strategic vision to its four Corporate Priorities – Your Place, Your Health & Wellbeing, Your opportunity and Our Council.


Councillor Duigan felt that although the A47 had been highlighted on page 140 as an aspiration, it should have been included on page 142 under the priority: Your Opportunity, with an extra line similar to that of the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor.  The Deputy Leader was more than happy to take this iteration forward if Members were content with this amendment.


Councillor Jermy thanked the Deputy Leader for the new Corporate Plan.  He liked the new layout and the format and was pleased with what it contained; however, the two matters that he felt were missing were; firstly, the environment specifically around climate change which he felt would be an increasing issue over the coming years and, how this authority sought to minimise its own impact on the environment and reduce its carbon footprint.  He felt that environmental issues ran across all four priorities and this would be a missed opportunity for the Council. Secondly, he would have preferred to see not just more jobs but better paid jobs in the District to allow people to have a better quality of life and work-life balance and he did not believe that the report was strong enough in that respect.  In response, the Deputy Leader reminded Members of the ‘golden thread’ that ran throughout all four priorities within the Corporate Plan and mentioned what the Council was doing for vision setting in relation to business growth in the District that was discussed at the last Cabinet meeting.  Therefore, as much as the Corporate Plan did not detail it directly and would be inappropriate to do so, the vision setting for Business Growth and the Corporate Plan, both linked the Council’s aspiration for moving forward and he thanked Councillor Jermy for his support at the last Cabinet meeting in relation to the Thetford Enterprise Park.  As far as the environment was concerned, he would be more than happy to take that back and carry out further iteration to the introductory piece in relation to the Council trying to reduce its carbon footprint.


Councillor Kybird mentioned the lack of support for the military covenant within the Corporate Plan.  At a previous Overview & Scrutiny Commission meeting the Executive Member in attendance had promised to raise this with the appropriate person.  The Deputy Leader confirmed that at the next Full Council meeting he would be presenting a report on the Norfolk Armed Forces Covenant and the paper would highlight what the Council would be undertaking moving forward.


Subject to the aforementioned changes, it was:


RESOLVED that the new Corporate Plan for the period 2019-20 be adopted.

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