Agenda item

Shop-Appy Update

To receive a verbal update on the progress of the App since the launch in April 2018 from the Communities and Environmental Services Manager, Steve James,.


The Communities and Environmental Services Manager gave a verbal update to Members explaining the success of Shop-Appy since the launch in April 2018. 


Members were reminded that after research had shown that 85% of people wanted to shop locally, what they really wanted was for the local shopping to be more convenient, and online.  Working in partnership with Shop-Appy gave local people and visitors to the Towns an easy way to shop locally, and gave local shops a simple solution to having an online presence and growing their business through footfall and online orders.


The programme had been operational for six-months, and 85 businesses were signed up to the project with the majority being in Attleborough and Swaffham. Nearly 70 orders had been placed with the shops and 270 people from across the District had registered as a customer on Shop-Appy.


It had been a challenge to work with so many different retailers across the District all at the same time.  The shops provided great products and unbeatable customer service that make the market towns great places to visit.  To showcase the businesses further, 14 short advertising videos had been commissioned that involved 17 retailers from across the District that would be shared across social media.


This year Breckland had created ‘The 12 Elves of Christmas’ through which shoppers were incentivised to visit the high street to find the names of 11 elves hidden in shop windows on their local high street.  The twelfth and final Elf would be hidden within the Shop-Appy website again to incentivise participants to explore all of the great products and services available.  The winner would receive £250 of shop local vouchers with 10 runners up receiving £25.


Councillor Crawford asked for the difference in uptake between local and national shops, and also asked if there had been a wide variance of take up across the market towns.  It was confirmed that this was a local project and therefore the national retailers were not involved.  There had been a large uptake within Swaffham and Attleborough who were using the app.


Councillor Dimoglou felt it had been a great start with 85 businesses signed up.  He asked for data to be available to show the amount that was being traded via the App versus what the Council had committed to the scheme.


Councillor Joel suggested the information be shared with the village magazines as communication should be wider than just social media.  The Communities and Environmental Services Manager asked Members if there were particular forms of media to use to contact him.


The Chairman asked if a delivery service had been considered.  Whilst the project was encouraged to create visibility and footfall into the Towns, it could be something to be considered at a later stage.


The Communities and Environmental Services Manager said the vision was that businesses would see the benefit to the point where the Council would no longer need to subsidise.  As a result work was underway with a marketing company to promote Shop-Appy through a variety of channels and as soon as more details were known, would be shared with the Commission.