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Water Cycle Study Update (Agenda item 8)

Report by Jemma March, Principal Planning Policy Officer (Capita).


Due to its size, Appendix 2 of this report will be sent as a supplementary agenda.


Jemma March, Principal Planning Policy Officer (Capita) presented the Water Cycle Study (WCS) update report as evidence to support the Local Plan and publish the WCS on the Council’s website.


A detailed overview was provided and the key findings of the WCS were highlighted.

Mr Atterwill, Chairman of Swanton Morley Parish Council mentioned the capacity issues for waste water in Dereham and had noticed from the report that Anglian Water was going to take a number of years to rectify the current problems being experienced by the town and asked if this would have an effect on the 5 year land supply.  He felt that confidence was needed to ensure that this pipeline was going to be installed as soon as possible.  Mrs Oechsle, NP4Yaxham referred to page 31 of the agenda pack that highlighted a table of taken from the Water Cycle Study report that provided a red, amber, green (RAG) assessment of the waste water treatment works (WwTWs) within the Breckland study area and raised concerns as Dereham contained a great deal of red areas and asked how these flooding issues were going to be managed.  Mrs Bunning from Watton Town Council wanted assurance from Officers that when any major developments came forward a suitable water cycle studies would be included.  The Chairman advised that these matters were not within the remit of the Local Plan Working Group.  Councillor Martin mentioned the issues in Attleborough in relation to the sewage works for the town and felt that all the development proposed would come to a standstill if not taken on board.  Councillor Claussen reminded Members of the recent planning application that was approved subject to a Grampian Condition (a planning condition attached to a decision notice that prevents the start of a development until off-site works have been completed on land not controlled by the applicant).  He also mentioned his concerns in relation to the previous Local Development Framework process where it had stated that the new pipeline for Mattishall would be installed and yet it was still awaited.   These empty promises he felt were of a real concern for everyone.

In terms of Attleborough, the Strategic Planning Manager explained that during the previous Core Strategy there was an agreed solution with Anglian Water which was a technically deliverable solution.  Further solutions could be delivered and would come forward in the latter years of the Plan period.  In response to Mrs Oechsle, the Principal Planning Policy Officer (Capita) advised that the Water Cycle Study was an evidence base study that was quite vast and any particular flood risk questions would be dealt with accordingly.  As far as the question on development was concerned, Members were informed that evidence from the Water Cycle Study would be included in future planning policies.

Councillor Webb still had concerns about the delivery of this infrastructure in the timescale which could be a risk to the Local Plan.

Referring to the map of Mattishall on page 70 of the appendix to the report, Councillor Borrett had observed that a farm in question that he knew of had not been included in the flood risk area.   The Principal Planning Policy Officer (Capita) advised that flood risk was surface water flooding and this had been taken into account in the sequential test.  Flood zones and surface water flooding were two very different matters.

Councillor Claussen mentioned the Gladman site.  The Chairman stated that it was not appropriate to discuss this matter now and he mentioned a number of forthcoming meetings where this could be discussed.

RESOLVED that the Water Cycle Study (WCS) update be noted as evidence to support the Local Plan and be published on the Council’s website.




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