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Swanton Morley


Swanton Morley had been designated as a Local Service Centre and had a revised allocation of 85 units.  There was one preferred site and three alternatives.


Mr Roger Atterwill, the Chairman of Swanton Morley Parish Council mentioned the email that the Clerk of the Parish Council sent to the Planning Policy Officers asking for evidence of how these sites had been arrived at, as yet, no response had been received.  He highlighted the sites that the residents and the Parish Council were in support of.   He felt that there would be a serious social sustainability issue if the sites near the Village Hall, namely 0002 and 0003 were developed and he asked that these be removed.  The facility was used a great deal for big events and any building near it would affect the Hall’s licence.


The Strategic Planning Manager advised that adverse comments in relation to these two sites had been received.  He was averse to removing these sites from the consultation but he asked if the Parish Council had any alternatives that they felt should come forward.  In response, Mr Atterwill informed the meeting that he was here to offer the evidence required and this evidence had proved that there had been an overwhelming desire from residents/parish council to build on 014 and 016 as the Wensum Way had been completely resurfaced.   The road would have to be widened and cycle ways and footpaths would need to be installed and additional parking facilities could be installed adjacent to the school.  He reminded Members that the evidence he had requested from the Officers had not been forthcoming.


The Chairman asked if site 001 could be removed and Mr Atterwill asked if sites 014 and 016 could be added as more development could be had.  The Strategic Planning Manager explained that all of these sites had already been put forward in the last round of consultation earlier in the year and that whilst he noted public opinion from the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan survey, in pure planning terms they should still be consulted on as alternatives albeit not preferred for the reasons outlined.


It was agreed that sites 0014 and 0016 would be added as further alternative options and site 001 would be removed.


Councillor Bambridge felt that Swanton Morley had been very pro-active in getting these sites into the mix.


Mr Atterwill asked if sites 0014 and 0016 could be changed to preferred sites and all the alternative sites be removed.  In response, the Strategic Planning Manager said the answer to this request was no as they all have to be considered in the consultation process and the number of sites aligned to the updated draft housing numbers.


It was agreed that 0014 and 0016 could be added as alternative sites.  Councillor Sam Chapman-Allen supported this proposal and he noted, without prejudice, the other 3 sites may not be taken forward following further consultation.


It was noted that over-allocation would be welcomed in some areas.


AGREED that the preferred site 013 be endorsed, site 001 be deleted and sites 014 and 016 be added as alternatives. 

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