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Draft Budget, Medium Term Financial Plan and Draft Corporate Plan (Agenda item 11)

Report of Ellen Jolly, Executive Member for Finance and Ian Sherwood, Executive Member for Communications, Organisational Performance & Development.


The Executive Member for Finance was pleased to present the draft budget, Medium Term Financial Plan and draft Corporate Plan to Cabinet.  The report and appendices had been presented to the Overview & Scrutiny Commission on 8 January 2015 and no changes had been proposed.  Consultation on the draft Corporate Plan and budget would now commence including a presentation to the Town & Parish Council Forum on Thursday, 15 January 2015.  The final documents would then come back to Cabinet and Full Council for approval in February 2015.


The headline points were highlighted.  Breckland Council now had a balanced budget for the next two years and would be seeking to close the shortfall in the years to come which was achievable but at the mercy of whatever future Government decisions were made.  The budget this year had been achieved without the dependency on Reserves, early efficiencies had increased revenue, the Council Tax would be frozen for another year and the Parish Council Support Grant had been maintained.  The combined strength of financial and corporate planning focused on the Council’s resources and clearly identified priority areas in the context of securing a longer term sustainable financial position.


The Overview & Scrutiny Commission Chairman conveyed his thanks to the Executive Director of Place for the presentation that she had given to Commission Members on 8 January 2015.  The presentation made sense and was very clear and he hoped that the Town & Parish Council Forum would be provided with a similar presentation.  He felt that how well the Council managed its affairs was enlightening and very commendable.


The Executive Member for Communications, Organisational Performance & Development drew attention to the draft Corporate Plan that commenced on page 77 of the agenda.  He felt that the more certainty the Council had in the budget gave more certainty to forward plan; however, any government cuts would place uncertainty in the future.  A paper listing the suggested changes received from various meetings had been circulated and all would be taken into consideration.  Members were reminded that any further feedback would be welcomed.


The Chairman encouraged Members to come forward with their thoughts.


The recommendations were highlighted and approved, following which the Senior Democratic Services Officer advised Members of a further recommendation that should have been included in relation to endorsing the proposals at Appendix E2.




To note the draft Capital and Revenue Budget Estimates, Medium Term Financial Plan and Capital Strategy as part of the consultation.  Any feedback as a result of the consultation would be considered before the final position presented to Cabinet and Council in February 2015.




To comply with the budgetary and policy framework.




  1. the contents of the draft Budget, Medium Term Financial Plan and Corporate Plan be noted and the proposals at Appendix E2 of the report be approved;


  1. the consultation period be noted; and


  1. the feedback from the Overview & Scrutiny Commission held on 8 January 2015 be considered and noted as part of the formal budget setting process which concludes on 26 February 2015.

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