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Schedule of Planning Applications (Agenda Item 10)

To consider the Schedule of Planning Applications:


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Mr H S Thompson

North Elmham




South Lopham



Mr P Freeman




Mr S Knowles





RESOLVED that the applications be determined as follows:


a)         Item 1: NORTH ELMHAM: Station Yard: Residential development for 19 dwellings: Applicant: Mr H S Thompson: Reference: 3PL/2013/1045/O


See Minute No 60/14 above.


b)         Item 2: SOUTH LOPHAM: Land south of A1066 Thetford Road: Installation of a 10MW solar farm and associated infrastructure: Applicant: AVIC-PCI Ltd: Reference: 3PL/2014/0143/F


Withdrawn from the Agenda.  See Minute No 58/14 above.


c)         Item 3: GARVESTONE: Jasmine Cottage, Dereham Road: Erection of new dwelling and garage, and garage to existing cottage, revised access arrangements: Applicant: Mr P Freeman: Reference: 3PL/2014/0235/F


This was a revised scheme for one dwelling on a plot of land on the junction of two roads.  The previous application for two dwellings had been refused on the grounds that it was too cramped.  The current proposal included additional planting to soften the view and the garage had been moved to facilitate maintenance.  A double garage for the adjacent property would be accessed from the rear and included a walkway to the garden.  A condition on driveway surfacing was proposed to avoid undue noise.


Mr Cadney (Parish Council) represented the residents.  They objected to the proposals due to concerns about infill development which was out of character with the area; road safety; and the position of the dwelling on the plot which might allow for future over-development.  There were also serious concerns about the shared sewage plant.


Mr Freeman (Applicant) had consulted with Officers and the Highways engineer to reach a suitable design.  The plot was large enough for development and the treatment plant would be replaced by a more up to date model and its maintenance would be agreed.


Councillor Jordan (Ward Representative) said the site was right in the centre of the village and he had been inundated with objections.  The proposal would spoil the character of the village.  The junction was quite busy and it would be dangerous to put a new entrance close to it.


Councillor Chapman-Allen hoped that the driveway condition would require a porous surfacing material.  She also reqiested that Leylandi was not used for planting.


Councillor Bowes thought the design was pleasant.  She sought clarity on the access arrangements for Jasmine Cottage and they were explained.


Approved, as recommended.


d)         Item 4: MILEHAM: SPK Engineering, The Old Sawmills, Back Lane: Erection of 11 No dwellings: Applicant: Mr S Knowles: Reference: 3PL/2014/0328/O


This Outline application sought the removal of the existing industrial use for residential development.  A previous application for 14 dwellings had been withdrawn.  The current application would provide 11 one and two storey dwellings, including one affordable home with two access points onto Back Lane.  A footpath link would be provided to an existing footpath which gave access to the village.


Although outside the Settlement Boundary the site was well related to the village and performed well against NPPF criteria.  If approved the business would relocate to a more suitable position, reducing heavy goods vehicle traffic in the lanes.  The viability appraisal had been agreed by the District Valuer.


Mr Moulton (Agent) said the existing building was unsuitable for its current use and uneconomic to renovate.  The Applicant’s business needed to upgrade its premises and relocate.  The proposal was welcomed by residents and the Parish Council and in line with National guidance.  Approval would remove HGVs from the lane and improve the appearance of the site.


Councillor Duffield (Ward Representative) was in favour of the proposal.  The site had been a bone of contention for many years.  He hoped Members would support the proposal despite the lack of 40% affordable housing which in the current economic times was not viable.


Councillor Lamb was against the proposal which was out of keeping with the village and would cause an increase in car movements.


Councillor Carter thought it was important to provide additional dwellings when the residents agreed, to breathe life into the village and provide accommodation for young people.


Councillor Bowes asked why there were two accesses and was advised that NCC Highways had requested two.  She asked that if the proposal was approved, the Reserved Matters application should come back to Committee and the Chairman agreed that it should.


Deferred, and the officers authorised to grant approval, subject to conditions, on completion of the section 106 agreement.


Notes to the Schedule

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Agenda Item 9 (Schedule Item 1)

John Read – Objector

Cllr Borrett – Ward Representative


Cllr Jordan – Ward Representative

Tony Cadney – Parish Council

Mr Freeman - Applicant


Cllr Duffield – Ward Representative

John Moulton - Agent


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