Agenda item

Revised Policies and Procedures

Report of the Human Resources Adviser.


The Organisational Development Manager requested that the Grievance Policy, Disciplinary Policy, Capability Policy and the Harassment and Bullying Prevention Policy be deferred pending further work to make the format of the policies user friendly. 


As The Sickness Absence Policy had not been revised this would be presented together with the deferred policies.


Members agreed to defer the policies as it was felt that further work needed to be undertaken on the policies to ensure clarity and usability. 


It was further suggested that there should be a Spot Bonus Policy to ensure that any honorariums were rewarded at a fair and equitable rate for each service area.   Further to this it was proposed that an Out of Hours Policy was needed to make it clear to staff what constituted working out of hours.


Members agreed to implement the Probationary Period Policy and Procedure.




(1)         the Disciplinary Policy and Procedure, the Grievance Policy and Procedure, the Capability Policy and Procedure and the Harassment and Bullying Prevention Policy and Procedure be deferred;


(2)         the Sickness Absence Policy be reviewed and be presented with the policies named in (1) above;


(3)         an Out of Hours Policy and a Spot Bonus Policy be presented at a future date;


(4)         the Probationary Period Policy and Procedure be implemented with immediate effect and communicate with staff that the amended policy is easily accessible.

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