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Schedule of Planning Applications

To consider the Schedule of Planning Applications :


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RESOLVED that the application be determined as follows :-


(a)       Item 1 : Attleborough, Woodview, Leys Lane : Change of use of land for siting of 9 caravans & 4 touring caravans, replace 3 static & 2 tourers assoc. work for Mr A Jones : Reference : 3PL/2010/1231/F


The Members advised that they had received an email from Mr Becker, one of the Objectors present.


The proposal sought the enlargement of an existing gypsy site currently occupied by a single family and made personal to the Jones family. The proposal was partly retrospective, included the change of use of part of the site and the stationing of a total of 9 static caravans and 4 touring caravans, and the erection of a storage building.  The proposal would replace the current permission on part of the land for 3 mobile homes and 2 touring caravans.  Enforcement action was being progressed in respect of the storage of scrap metals, vehicles and 2 caravans.


The Town Council objected to the scheme due to poor access and loss of amenities, trees and land contamination.  The Planning Policy Officer objected due to the cumulative affect of additional units and affect they would have on the road system.  Highways objected as the unclassified road that served the site was considered to be inadequate.  3 letters of objection had been received with regard to the unsuitable road, increased traffic, site contamination, impact on character, family status and commercial use of site.


The applicant had been on site 20 years, he had 8 children and one cousin aged between 17-27 who he wanted to accommodate.  The Principal Planning Officer had been advised that the children were not gypsies as they had not lived a nomadic way of life. 


The location should not dominate the nearest community and put pressure on the local infrastructure and it was felt that having an additional 6 units would be harmful to the character and be excessive for the location.


Mr Worsfold, NCC Highways stated that an increase in the number of residential units would result in an additional number of vehicle movements.  Leys Lane had restrictive width, the carriageway was suitable for single traffic only, it was sub-standard and additional vehicle movement would cause conflict, danger and inconvenience for users of the public highway.


Mr. Harvey, Objector, said that the Jones family had devastated a mature woodland, a scrap metal business was run from the site, and oil tanks had been buried.


Mr Becker, Objector, advised it was a small lane, there were 40’ containers, it was a designated quiet area, and was a dangerous situation for prams etc.  His family owned most of the land around the site and the backfill into the site had caused tar to leak into the water courses on the farm land, there was oil from the trucks, the woodland had been destroyed and there was disrespect for the planning rules.  Harassment and anti social behaviour had gone on for 5 years.


Mr Jones, Applicant, said that he had lived on the site since 1984 and had been a resident of the area all his life.  If the site was made permanent he would make it tidy to match the adjacent site.  He would be happy to talk to anyone on site.


The Chairman asked the Applicant where the children would live.  He replied some on site and some elsewhere.  The Chairman advised the Applicant that the children did not have gypsy designation.


Some Members felt the site was in the wrong place, the road was sub-standard, the land was contaminated and caused problems for others, and therefore it would be wrong to put more caravans and vehicles onto the site.


Members queried that the application was for the Applicant’s family.   He was asked if he understood that if the Committee approved the application as submitted the Enforcement Team could evict members of his family. The Applicant stated he was mindful that there were two pieces of property. The Principal Planning Officer clarified the situation by showing once again the slide of the ‘approved site’, and stated that the units in the current application as it stood, could not be occupied by named members of the family who were not gypsies by definition.  The Applicant was asked if he understood that, and he replied he did.


Refused as recommended.  Appropriate Enforcement action should be progressed.


            The Committee adjourned at 10.55 and reconvened at 11.15.


(b)       Item 2 : Swaffham, 1 Low Road : Two dwellings with garages for Mr B V Rowe : Reference : 3PL/2010/1263/F


The application sought full planning permission for the erection of two detached chalet style dwellings with detached garages.  The plots were accessed via the existing Low Road.


The site benefitted from planning permission for a single dwelling, although outside the Settlement Boundary and was brought to the Committee for Members to consider if the site could adequately accommodate two dwellings.


Mr Wingate, Agent stated that the principle of a residential development outside the Settlement boundary had been established and the application looked to put two smaller developments on the site rather than one.


A Member asked that instead of soldier bricks used in the design that segmented arches with attention to detail be afforded.


Approved as recommended, with arches being incorporated instead of soldier bricks.


(c)        Item 3 : Great Ellingham, Homelea Farm, Penhill Lane : Erection of 1 no. duck breeder unit and 1 no. straw bale storage barn for Green Label Farms Ltd : Reference : 3PL.2010/1371/F


The application sought full planning permission to construct two buildings on the site to be used in connection with the applicants’ existing duck breeding business.  The scheme would comprise of one duck breeding building and one straw bale storage barn.  The site was outside the Settlement Boundary.  The site currently comprised of four breeder units similar in size and scale to those proposed, and a number of smaller buildings.


The Parish Council had raised no objection subject to no increase in traffic through the village.  The Applicant had stated the site was currently under capacity.  One letter of concern with regard to additional traffic had been received.  A condition to control lighting was recommended.


The Chairman advised a Member who had concern over ducks without water, that that was not a planning issue.


In answer to a question raised as to what the structures were made of, the Principal Planning Officer advised the duck breeder building was made of olive green sheeting with louvered ventilation panels, and the straw bale storage barn was open sided steel portals, with a roof of grey cement fibre sheeting.  


Approved, as recommended.         


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Mr Harvey – Objector

Mr Becker – Objector

Mr Jones – Applicant

Mr Worsfold – NCC Highways


Mr Wingate - Agent


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