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Dereham : Land off Norwich Road : Proposed Residential Development Open Space & Cemetery : Applicant : Taylor Wimpey : Reference : 3PL/2010/1142/F

Report of the Deputy Chief Executive


Councillor M Fanthorpe declared a personal interest by virtue of being a Member of Dereham Town Council.


The application was for full planning permission for residential development and green infrastructure on land at Norwich Road, Dereham which fell outside the settlement boundary. With the exception of drainage, the proposal fitted physically well and would make quite an important contribution to green infrastructure not only for the development but for Dereham too.  It had been brought forward in line with local policy and the applicant had confirmed that they would commence development in a reasonably short term if the application was agreed.  In terms of landscaping, the proposals had been well conceived.  Changes to proposals had been addressed following criticisms received with regard to parapet gables, more traditional patterned windows and flint work incorporated in more prominent locations.  Bungalows were proposed around all sensitive boundaries. 


There were some outstanding drainage issues with regard to foul drainage and water quality and it was recommended that the application be deferred until the issues had been concluded. The Dereham WwTW had limited capacity and concern had been raised by Anglian Water, the Environment Agency and Natural England with regard to foul water treatment and the ecologically sensitive areas.  It was believed sensible therefore to allow further time for foul surveys to be undertaken.  The site had good access to public transport and financial contribution negotiations were ongoing with Norfolk County Council


Feedback from Committee Members was sought to go through the application to get agreement with regard to the way forward.


Mr Hyde, Agent was happy for the application to be deferred. 


A Councillor was concerned about day to day drainage as the Norwich Road sewer was working above capacity.  The Agent said the applicant had commissioned a report to look into the issue with the outcome that foul drainage would be controlled on site, no discharge would occur, and flooding on Norwich Road would not be made any worse.


Mr Calvert, Agent said the sewer from the development would be routed to a pumping station in the corner of the development.  He was asked why a pre-treatment plant could not be used instead of a holding tank.  He explained that Anglian Water had indicated that a 50 cubic metre tank on site would be suitable and was required to meet building regulations, and that nothing else needed to be provided. The Agent advised that if on- site treatment was provided, it would take up much more land and therefore reduce the number of houses on site. 


Mr Hyde, Agent, said the primary objective should be to connect to the public sewerage system, and if that were not possible then they may well have to fall back and deliver alternative solutions.


Four wheelchair adapted bungalows would be incorporated within the development.


The Development Services Manager advised that the application would not be brought back to Committee until the drainage issues were clear.  Further detailed conversations with the applicants would take place, and he asked if broadly speaking Members were comfortable with the principle of the proposal.


RESOLVED to defer the application and advise the applicant that Members generally approved the principle of the proposal subject to further resolution of the drainage issues.




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