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Match Funding Grant Panel Report Round 3 (Agenda item 8)

Report of the Executive Member for the Communities and Benefits Portfolio (Adrian Stasiak).


Members were informed of the recommendations that had been made by the Grant Panel for Funding Round 3 that had been held on Friday, 22 October 2010.  The report summarised the funding decisions that had been made and made recommendations to Cabinet on the allocation on Match Funding.


The Assistant Director of Communications and Community Services presented the report and advised that there were three Match Funding applications that required Cabinet approval.  A Match Funding application had also been granted and approved under delegated powers towards an Arts award for JDT Music as well as successful applications under the Pride in Breckland, Activity Access Arts and Gifted & Talented Grant schemes.


Referring to the Match Funding application for Diss Rugby Club, Members were informed that 20% of the registered club members were from the Breckland area and did significant work with Breckland schools.


The Executive Member for the Corporate Development and Performance Portfolio questioned the proportion of funding as he was sure that more people from the South Norfolk area would attend the club; he did not believe that Breckland members represented a fifth of the registered club membership and felt that Breckland’s contribution should be proportionally less.  He expressed the concerns he had received from Attleborough Sports Club who felt that money should not be spent on facilities outside Breckland.


The Director of Community Services explained that £20,000 was the maximum that the club could apply for and would be put towards Phase 2 of the redevelopment of the club.  In terms of funding outside the District, there was nothing in the guidelines that said to the contrary as long as the project benefited Breckland. He was positive that the same would apply to South Norfolk’s Match Funding applications.


The Executive Member for the Corporate and Development Portfolio felt that an open-ended precedent could be set and reiterated his concerns about monies being spent on capital projects outside of Breckland.  He suggested that the risks and values of Match Funding applications should be taken up by the Audit Committee.


Claire Bowes stated that she had also received comments from her constituents about this application benefiting South Norfolk residents more than Breckland residents.


The Overview & Scrutiny Commission Chairman had concerns with regard to the potential risks mentioned in the Proforma B and felt that the financial aspects of this particular application were unclear.


A Member suggested that more evidence was required to support the 20% of Breckland membership.


The Executive Member for the Planning, Health & Housing Portfolio disagreed with all the aforementioned concerns and pointed out that the lines on the map should not be taken into account it should be a matter of residents’ choice and going where the best facilities were which he felt, for rugby, was in South Norfolk.

The Executive Member for the Corporate Development & Performance Portfolio disagreed with the above comment and felt that a protocol should be put in place so that Breckland Council did not end up with an open ended precedent.


The Executive Member for the Economic & Commercial Portfolio agreed that there was a financial risk to the Council and further agreed that the matter should be reported to the Audit Committee to ensure that Breckland was getting value for money and to further ensure that there was enough money in the pot for phase 1 of the project before the club started phase 2.




1)           To approve individual Match Funding applications for the full amount requested

2)           To award individual Match Funding applications a lesser amount

3)           To reject individual Match Funding applications.




See report.


RESOLVED that the following Match Funding applications be approved:


a)           Swanton Morley Cricket Club for the sum of £19,000, subject to:


i)              a maximum of £19,000 or 20%, whichever is the lower from the Capital Match Funding Reserve;

ii)            the balance of all other funding being confirmed.


b)           West Norfolk Transport for the sum of £4,295, subject to


i)              a maximum of £4,295 or 3.5% whichever is the lower from the Revenue Match Funding Reserve;

ii)            confirmation of the total cost of the project; and

iii)          the balance of all other funding being confirmed.


RESOLVED that the Match Funding application for Diss Rugby Club be deferred, subject to:


i)              a review by the Audit Committee to look at the number of residents from the Breckland area benefiting from these projects;

ii)            confirmation of financial commitments from other sources; and

iii)          the protocol being reviewed in terms of cross local authority boundary funding to ensure that Breckland Council is getting value for money.

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