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Site Specific Policies & Proposals Development Plan Document 2001-2026: Proposed Submission Document (Agenda item 15)

Report of the Executive Member for the Planning, Health & Housing Portfolio (Paul Claussen).


Appendices C and E are available to view electronically on the Council’s website as a supplement to this agenda.  A paper copy will be available on the day of the meeting.


Members’ approval was sought to publish and then submit the Site Specifics Policies and Proposals document, to include any Cabinet recommendations and those changes required to satisfy the Habitats Regulations.


The majority of comments had been received with regard to sites in Dereham and Shipdham and outstanding comments needed to be reported.


The Clerk for Tuddenham Parish Council was in attendance and was allowed to speak.  She said that she had taken the liberty of contacting Cabinet Members as she had concerns about the content of the document for her area.  The proposals that the village had requested at the Local Development Framework (LDF) Panel meetings held in 2009, to include two parcels of land in the village envelope, had not been incorporated.  What was being suggested in the document now was completely different and irrelevant.  She felt that there had been a discrepancy made between the LDF meetings and what was currently being reported.  The parishioners believed that they had been listened to but obviously had not.


A Ward Member for the Eynsford Ward stressed that none of his recommendations had been taken on board.


The Chairman proposed that the report should be referred back to the LDF Panel before going forward as he was keen to follow the wishes of these communities.


The Overview & Scrutiny Chairman advised that the Minutes of those meetings were available and there could have been good reasons why some of these decisions had been made.  He referred to another document that accompanied these meetings and suggested taking both documents back to the LDF Panel so that the logic and reasons behind these decisions could be understood.


The Development Services Manager pointed out that such a delay could have ramifications on how this document moved forward.  He assured Members that the Officers concerned had not done anything to undermine the Panel’s decision.  The report identified those areas mentioned ensuring that the document was consistent.


The Chairman stated that this would be a one off Panel meeting which hopefully would not create a great deal of delay.  He asked for the meeting to be held in public.


Option A


Members agree that the Council publishes the Site Specific Policies and Proposals document, including Cabinet recommendations and any amendments necessary for Appropriate Assessment, for a period of at least six weeks.  Members further agree to submit the Site Specific Policies and Proposals document to the Secretary of State for an examination in Public by a Government appointed Inspector whose report would be binding on the authority unless comments received during the six weeks of pre-submission publication indicate that the document is unsound and should be withdrawn.


Option B


Members do not agree that the Council publish the Site Specifics Policies and Proposals document, including amendments.  Members further not agree to submit the Site Specifics Policies and Proposals document to the Secretary of State for an Examination in Public by a Government appointed Inspector.




Members were asked to approve Option A of the report in order to allow the timely progression of a sound development framework for the market towns, Local Service Centres and villages.


RESOLVED that the publication of the Site Specifics Policies and Proposals document be deferred and a LDF Task & Finish Group meeting be convened as quickly as possible to discuss the discrepancies raised within the document.  A Special Cabinet meeting to consider the findings of the Task & Finish Group would be arranged if necessary.

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