Agenda item

Annual Appointment of the Leader, Deputy Leader, Committees, Groups and Other Representatives and Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen 2010-2011 (Agenda Item 10)

Report of the Director of Organisational Development.


A list of attendances for 2009-2010 is attached for Members’ information.


(a)               Leader of the Council


Having been duly moved and seconded, Members


RESOLVED that Mr J W Nunn be re-appointed as Leader of the Council for the ensuing year.


Mr T. Lamb abstained.


(b)               Deputy Leader of the Council


Having been duly moved and seconded, Members


RESOLVED that Mr A. Stasiak be appointed as Deputy Leader of the Council for the ensuing year.


Mr T. Lamb abstained.


The Leader gave a vote of thanks to the former Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor W. Smith, for his hard work during his time in office.


(c)        Executive and Support Members


It was noted that the Executive and Support Member appointments were under the auspices of the Leader, who, in accordance with the Constitution, would notify the Chief Executive of any changes. 


(d)       Committees and Sub-Committees


            There was some discussion about specific issues, as follows:-


            Overview & Scrutiny Commission


            It was confirmed that membership of the Commission would be reduced to 12, but would still include both a Labour and an independent Member.  


            The Chairman of the Committee wanted to encourage all Members to participate in the scrutiny process: items under consideration frequently covered issues affecting communities across the whole district.  Even Executive Members (who were not allowed to be appointed to the Commission) could request items to be scrutinised. 


Finally, he reminded everyone that scrutiny was the transparent mechanism which enabled the Council to be held to account by members of the public.  All Members had a role to play in this process.


            Development Control Committee


            It had been agreed that this Committee would be reduced to a membership of 12 (at one stage it had comprised 19).  Whilst this would include one Labour and one Independent Member, concerns were raised about the potential impact of this reduction in terms of maintaining a good representation across the whole district, as well as the impact that any absences might have on a particular meeting.  


            Both the Chairman of the Council, and the Chairman of the Committee itself, reassured Members that the aim of the reduction was to make the Committee more stable and productive.  Its Members were responsible, and the fact that there would be named substitutes to call upon meant that any absences should have minimal impact on that meeting’s effectiveness.           


            The Chairman of the Committee thanked those who were standing down for their hard work on this busy Committee.


            Her thanks were echoed by the Chairman of the Overview & Scrutiny Commission for his Committee.  He added that the intention behind the proposed reduction in membership was to develop an experienced core of Members.


RESOLVED that the membership and allocation of seats for each Committee be approved as listed on the attached Appendix A. 


With respect to the record of attendance for the past year, the Chairman highlighted the fact that Councillor Keith Martin had managed to achieve 100% attendance – adding that the reason he was absent for this meeting was due to the fact that he was moving house!


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