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Schedule of Planning Applications (Agenda Item 10)

To consider the Schedule of Planning Applications:


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Richmond Park Golf Club

Saham Toney



Bennett plc




Necton Farms Ltd




Mr H Edwards




Chapel Partners




Chapel Partners




Mr and Mrs A Bebbington





RESOLVED that the applications be determined as follows:


(a)               Item 1: Saham Toney: Land South of Ovington Road: 22 holiday lodges and associated landscaping for Richmond Park Golf Club: Reference 3PL/2009/1172/F  


Having declared a personal and prejudicial interest, Cllr Bowes left the meeting for the duration of the discussion and voting on the item.


The Principal Planning Officer (Major Projects) explained that Policy DC8 allowed for tourist development where various considerations were met.  A letter from a holiday company had shown increasing demand for tourist accommodation in the area.  The site was well positioned between existing settlements and facilities which would be accessible by foot.  Sustainability was at a reasonable level and met building regulation requirements.  The surrounding landscape was open but due to land fall the views from adjacent public areas were limited so that the visual impact was not deemed harmful.


An objection from the Environment Agency in relation to flood risk had been resolved by raising the chalets above the flood risk level. The developer would be reminded of the need to promote wildlife and a condition relating to this would need to be added.


An issue of highway safety had been raised by the Highway Authority in relation to the increase in traffic resulting from this development and the inadequacy of the substandard road junctions to the east and west of the site.  The visibility at both junctions was not good; with the Saham Road/A1075 junction being the more restrictive of the two. Photographs of the junctions were shown


On balance Officers considered that the proposal met local policy on tourism and that the benefits of the development were sufficient to outweigh the highway issues, particularly as the development would not generate a great deal more traffic than at present.


Mr Bryan, speaking on behalf of the applicant, informed Members that the lodges were high quality buildings and would provide suitable family accommodation which would complement the golf club facilities. The majority of the chalets were well positioned around the lake. Public consultation meetings regarding the proposal had been extremely positive.


In response to a Member’s query, Mr Hall, agent for the applicant, described the proposed system for dealing with outfall water from the chalets through a large reed bed system.


A Member supported the proposal for its design and position and the value that it would bring to the local community in terms of additional income and employment opportunities.  It was suggested that the Highway Authority should address the issue of the junction with the A1075 by extending the speed limit to cover the junction and to improve the visibility by improving the hedgerow.


Approved as recommended. Also Highway Authority be requested to consider improvements to the junctions as suggested.


(b)               Item 2: Attleborough: Slough Lane: Erection of 22 dwellings for Bennett

Plc: 3PL/2010/0033F


            Approved, see Minute 67/10


(c)               Item 3 Necton: Nutts Barn site off Ivy Todd Road: Erection of steel

framed general purpose building for Necton Farms Ltd: Reference: 3PL/2010/0075/F


This was a major application for a storage barn. The position, design and appearance of the building would ensure it fitted in with the existing agricultural buildings and did not have an adverse visual impact on the countryside. No objections had been made by the Highway Authority.


Approved, as recommended  


(d)       Item 4: Hardingham: White Barn: Grain storage building for Mr H Edwards, Hardingham Hall Farms: Reference: 3PL/2010/0104/F


            This was a major application for a grain storage building. The site was a well screened area adjacent to existing agricultural buildings and a wooded area.


            Members raised concern about the open space between the proposed building and the road and felt they needed more information about what was planned for this area.


Deferred pending receipt of further information relating to the area around the proposed building and specified screening.


(e)       Item 5: Caston: Red Lion PH: Attleborough Road: Alterations to public house and car park, conversion of store and erection of new dwelling for Chapel Partners: Reference: 3PL/2010/0108/F2


Planning Permission for Change of Use of the public house to residential had previously been refused on the grounds of loss of a community facility to the village.  The new proposal responded to the previous issue of loss of the public house but with the addition of conversion of the disused outbuilding and a new dwelling to make the venture viable.


There were concerns about the reopening of the pub as well as support for it, particularly regarding potential parking overspill onto the village green and local noise disturbance. These issues had been discussed with Environmental Health and it was felt that management through licensing should help the public house co-exist with the neighbouring residents.  Parking spaces in the car park had not been reduced.


Mr Chapman spoke on behalf of Caston Parish Council and voiced their unanimous support of the proposed development as the best compromise achievable to refurbish and upgrade the public house.  He encouraged the Committee to seize the opportunity that had been made available.  He said that Mr Metcalfe, the applicant, had agreed to keep the public house as licensed premises for the next 10 years.


In response to a question from the Chairman, Mr Chapman said that he was also in agreement with the Listed Building consent as he felt there would be very little visual effect from the proposed development.


The Solicitor advised that it would not be possible to make a legal requirement to keep the public house open for 10 years. He offered to discuss with Mr Metcalfe if he wished to make a commitment not to apply for change of use.


Mr Ash, a local resident and supporter of the application, said that the proposal was now acceptable to local residents and would create a much needed social, meeting and dining venue for the village.


Mr Penfold, a local resident and objector to the application, expressed concern regarding the speed of traffic and the increased traffic flow that would result from the development and the potential noise nuisance from the public house music events.


Mr Metcalfe, the applicant, gave reassurance that high levels of noise would not be appropriate and that with good management this should not be a problem. He had carried out extensive consultations with the villagers and met with overwhelming support for the development. Although the commercial viability of the Public House was questionable Mr Metcalf was providing a sustainable local facility that he intended to make available to the locality for at least the next 10 years.


Mr Rogers, the Ward Representative, spoke in support of the proposed planning application and listed building consent. He felt the Public House would help knit the village together and he appreciated that the additional development was needed to finance the refurbishment of the public house.


A Member queried the storage facilities, access to the Public House for delivery lorries, sufficiency of lorry turning space and the accessibility for the new residential properties which would be using the same access.  Reassurance was given that there was adequate storage, access and turning space.  Discussion followed about the management, reopening of the public house and its possible future change of use.


Deferred and the officers negotiate a Section 106 agreement if possible, and be authorised to grant approval, subject to conditions.


(f)     Item 6: Red Lion PH, Attleborough Road: Alterations to Public House, including creation of flat, erection of  3 bedroom house, conversion of store to dwelling, alterations to car park etc for Chapel Partners: Reference: 3PL/2010/0109/LB


Approved as recommended, (see above).


(g)Item 7: Shipham: Windlegate, High Street: Single storey extension to rear for Mr. and Mrs. Bebbington: Reference: 3PL/2010/0156/F


            Approved as recommended.


Notes to the Schedule


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Mr Bryan – For applicant

Mr Hall – Agent

Mr Jessup - Applicant

5 & 6

Mr Rogers – Ward Rep

Mr Chapman – Parish Council

Mr Ash – Supporter

Mr Penfold – Objector

Mr Metcalfe - Applicant

Agenda Item 8a

Mrs Gaskin - Applicant


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