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In the absence of the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman, Members agreed that Trevor Holden should assume the Chair.


Trevor Holden in the Chair


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To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 5 November 2009.


It was noted that Debbie Bartlett had not declared an interest in Agenda Item 10 and that her name should be replaced by Linda Rogers (who had declared an interest) on page 2 (Minute No 46/09) and page 5 (Minute No 50/09) of the minutes.


Subject to those alterations the minutes of the meeting held on 5 November 2009 were confirmed as a correct record.



Matters Arising


There were no matters arising.




To receive apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from William Nunn, David Ovenden, Katie Elliott, Jan Godfrey, Brian Horner, Dave Seaton and Neil Stott.



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To note whether the Chairman proposes to accept any items of urgent business.


Two items of urgent business were accepted.



Faith Representative


A request had been made to include a Faith representative on the Board.  The East of England Faiths Council had nominated the Reverend Richard Lewis for the post and Partners were asked to approve his appointment.


It was confirmed that the East of England Faiths Council was a multi-faith organisation.


RESOLVED to approve the appointment of the Reverend Richard Lewis as a full voting member of the Local Strategic Partnership Board.



Future Jobs Fund


A report had been circulated to Partners informing them of the successful bid to the Future Jobs Fund.  News of this success had been received after the main agenda had been issued, hence the late report.


Norfolk County Council had acted as lead partner in the bid which had included a portfolio of 19 jobs in Breckland.  They would be organising a partnership day in February to provide an opportunity to meet other employers in the scheme as well as representatives from Connexions and members of Job Centre Plus who would be referring the candidates.


It was noted that seven of the Breckland jobs were to be provided by private employers and these were thought to be the only successful private sector bids within the Norfolk application.


The scheme was aimed at improving the employability of long-term unemployed young people.  There were currently 145 young people in Breckland that met the qualifying criteria.  


The Chairman congratulated the LSP (Partnership) Officer on a successful piece of work.


The report was noted.



Declaration of Interest

Members are asked at this stage to declare any interests they may have in any of the following items on the agenda.


The following declarations of interest were received:


Danielle Ross declared a personal interest in Agenda Item 8 (Migration Impacts Funding) as an employee of Keystone Development Trust.


John Rogers declared a personal interest in Agenda Item 9 (Participatory Budgeting) as four grants had been awarded in his Ward.


Shirley Matthews declared a personal interest in Agenda Item 10 (Breckland Partnership Funding) as a Ward representative for Swaffham.



Performance Reporting


Pride in Breckland pdf icon PDF 70 KB

Report by Rob Walker, the Director of Community Services.

Additional documents:


Rob Walker, Breckland’s Director of Community Services, presented the report and told Partners that the Pride Project had gone from strength to strength under the stewardship of the Pride Co-ordinator, Richard Wills.


There were a series of projects underway, the details of which were shown in the appendix to the report.  Projects had to address the goals of the Pride campaign and some early projects had failed to do that.  However, that issue had been addressed and all current and planned projects were performing well against the criteria.


There was another year to run and it was intended to hold another Pride in Breckland awards ceremony in March 2011.  It was also hoped that some projects would be self-sustaining and would continue into the future.  If Partners had any issues they were asked to contact Richard Wills.


The Chairman was very pleased with the project.  He said there had been a debate at GO East the previous week about the changes in funding streams and the increased demand for services.  Projects dealing with community cohesion were likely to take the lead with future funding constraints.


The report was noted.



Thetford Healthy Town pdf icon PDF 17 KB

Report by Tony Trotman, Programme Manager, Thetford Healthy Town.

Additional documents:


Tony Trotman, Programme Manager, was present to update the Board on the progress with the Thetford Healthy Town Programme.


The Programme had been formally launched in September 2009 to the key stakeholders in Thetford and would run to March 2011.  There were 16 individual projects aimed at helping people to “eat well, move more and live longer”.


A greater understanding of the health needs of those living and working in Thetford was sought and the same information was being gathered for the migrant communities.


Future planning would have a healthy agenda and include green infrastructure and primary and secondary health care provision.  A high level of anticipation of health needs would be informed by a number of reports commissioned by the Healthy Urban Development Unit.


Greater health interventions were encouraging people to participate in enjoyable activities like dance classes to improve their fitness and advice was being given on ways to cook and eat healthily on a budget.


Local evaluators had been appointed to gather evidence on the effects of these initiatives.  A monthly newsletter was being sent out to all residents providing information and contact details to encourage engagement.


A good start had been made and the early indications of take-up were pleasing.


The Chairman thanked Mr Trotman for his update and asked that another report be presented to the next LSP Board showing that the projects were up and running and detailing support levels.



Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA)

To receive a presentation by Sue Jewkes, Audit Commission, CAA Lead (Norfolk).


Sue Jewkes, from the Audit Commission, reminded Partners that she had given them a presentation on Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) over a year ago in the very early stages of the project.


Since that time, the One Place website had been launched showing the data from the first year’s work.  The information would be regularly updated and would provide a baseline into year two.


Eight local themes were reported against and a red and green flag system was used to highlight issues of particular significance.


The Norfolk economy was generally doing quite well but wages were still very low particularly in rural areas leading to benefits being claimed by those in work.


Skills and aspirations would be looked at in detail over the next 12 months.  This was a priority in most areas and it was not known if sufficient was being done to improve skill levels.


Housing was another area that would be looked at in the future, including the lack of affordable housing and the problem of empty homes.  Councils needed to use their powers to bring empty properties back into use.


Your Norfolk, Your Decision” had been awarded a Green Flag for its unique combination of agency and stakeholder buy-in.  It would be interesting to see if this would work at a more local level.


There were good plans in place to try to encourage stronger communities and those promoting diversity and equality needed to work hard to overcome their fear of doing the wrong thing.


Tthere were a number of projects trying to address the fear of crime including restorative justice which, with more evidence, might warrant a Green Flag.


The health inequalities in different parts of the district were highlighted and the need to ensure that the work being done was ‘joined up’.  Good communication would lead to an improved and more effective service.  


In conclusion Sue encouraged the LSP to read the report and visit the website to see what others were doing.  She said that the work of the LSP was a powerful resource which could really make a difference.


The Chairman thanked Sue for her presentation.



Migration Impacts Funding (MIF) pdf icon PDF 56 KB

To receive a report by Mark Fretwell, Partnership (LSP) Officer.

Additional documents:


Danielle Ross declared a personal interest in this item.


Mark Fretwell updated Partners on the progress made in delivering the project and of the future activities that were planned.  He sought approval to recruit three Service Connector staff to work at the META one stop shop in Thetford (two days a week) and on the mobile bus (three days a week).


Work was on-going to work out the leasing arrangements for the mobile bus.  A demonstration on connectivity had been arranged and if it provided value for money this would be taken forward.  The bus was on track to commence operation at the start of the new financial year.


The contract had been signed for the One Stop Shop and the budgeting was in place.  The additional £30,000 available for year two looked likely to be approved.


The Chairman encouraged Partners to look at the Service Canada ( which focussed on front end delivery and staff were able to advise on a range of services.  He said that this was a good way of breaking down organisational barriers and delivering services.


A Partner asked where the bus would go and how residents would be notified of its route and timetable.


Mark Fretwell explained that he was looking at all the available data to determine where the service should be targeted.  The market towns and villages identified as Local Service Centres would be included, along with schools and workplaces.


Many other agencies had expressed an interest and it was hoped that the bus could tie-in with existing initiatives organised by NHS Norfolk, the Police and the Job Centres among others.


Rob Walker agreed that the route would need to be well publicised, but an element of flexibility was required to allow response to specific issues in particular areas.  A balance would therefore need to be struck.


The Chairman noted that some services were being retracted due to reduced footfall in the market towns, which made the cost of one-to-one availability too high.  The One Stop Shop, manned by multi-skilled staff, could deliver or signpost the whole range of services, sharing the transaction cost between participating agencies.


The whole project was timetabled to be up-and-running by the start of the next financial year.




(1)               note the contents of the report;

(2)               approve the recruitment to three posts (hosted and managed by Breckland Council) consisting of a Service Connector manager and two Service Connector officers;

(3)               endorse the META service contract for the provision of a One Stop Shop in Thetford located at ‘The Limes’, 32 Bridge Street, Thetford; and

(4)               consider Partners’ commitment to the Migration Impact Funding project.



Participatory Budgeting (PB) pdf icon PDF 71 KB

To receive a report from Mark Fretwell, Partnership (LSP) Officer.

Additional documents:


John Rogers declared a personal interest in this item as four of the grant applications were from within his Ward.


Mark Fretwell updated Partners on the actions to date and the planned delivery of the Participatory Budgeting project and its evaluation.


Community panels had been set up in each of the five market town areas.  The members of the panel had been given to training and they would be assessing applications for grants during February.  There had been some delay to this project due to the adverse weather conditions.


21 funding applications had been made to the Youth Council, 12 of which had been shortlisted.  A decision would be made on the successful applicants after a presentation evening on 28 January 2010.  The results would be announced at the end of that event.


Evaluation to ensure that all projects were delivering the proposed outcomes would take place at six and 12 month intervals.


The Chairman commented that the Youth Council was really coming of age.




(1)               note the contents of the report;

(2)               receive a report at the LSP Board meeting on 11 March 2010 detailing the projects that had been awarded funding through the Youth Council and Area Based Participatory Budgeting events; and

(3)               invite the Breckland Youth Council members to present a report/ presentation to the next Board meeting on 11 March 2010 regarding their Participatory Budgeting event.



Breckland Partnership Funding pdf icon PDF 93 KB

To receive a report from Mark Fretwell, Partnership (LSP) Officer.


Shirley Matthews declared a personal interest in this item as Ward representative for Swaffham.


Mark Fretwell updated Partners on the previously completed project funding round and the potential future funding round in 2010/11.


Fiive projects were awarded funding at the LSP Board meeting held on 9 June 2009, and two further projects were provisionally allocated funding subject to further information being provided in relation to questions raised at the meeting.


The Norfolk Climate Change Partnership had not progressed its bid and the provisional funding allocation had been withdrawn.


The Swaffham Market Traditions project had provided the additional information and Richard Bishop, Swaffham Town Council Clerk was in attendance to support their bid.


Mr Bishop explained that the market was central to the town’s development.  It was important for traders, visitors and residents alike.  The project aimed to bring the market into line with other activities in the town such as the Iceni indoor market and the antiques fairs held at the Ecotech Centre.  The idea was to co-ordinate these activities and to employ someone for six months to invest the time, money and resources into attracting more traders and people to the market.


Tony Dickens said they were really enthusiastic about the potential which had terrific potential.  The indoor market which they ran was very successful and over-subscribed.  He commended the project to Partners.




(1)               note the contents of the report;

(2)               award £10,500 to the Swaffham’s market traditions project;

(3)               withdraw the provisional funding for the Climate Change Partnership project due to lack of interest from the stakeholders;

(4)               await the decision on Second Homes Council Tax from Norfolk County Council before deciding whether to enter a further round of project funding targeted at the voluntary sector; and

(5)               request that the five previously funded projects submit a report in relation to the planning, delivery and future activities of those projects, for inclusion at the next LSP Board meeting on 11 March 2010.




To receive an update on Partnership Finances by Mark Fretwell, Partnership (LSP) Officer.


Mark Fretwell advised Members that following the allocation of £10,500 funding at the meeting there was £60,000 available in the budget.


Information on the Second Homes Council Tax allocation was expected on about 15 February 2010.


The Chairman asked if that money was at risk and Debbie Bartlett advised that a significant issue was the proposed change to the use of the money retained by the County Strategic Partnership.  Currently that money was divided and made available for bids by district LSPs but in future it could potentially be used to provide an infrastructure fund for the whole County.



Items for Future Agendas

To agree items for inclusion on the next or future agenda.


Partners were advised that there would be a presentation from Daniel Harry (Norfolk County Council) on the Local Area Agreement refresh and NHS Norfolk on their restructure and engagement with LSPs.


Future Meetings

To note that the next meeting of the LSP Board will be held on Thursday 11 March 2010 at 2.00 pm in the Anglia Room, Elizabeth House, Breckland Council.


For Information:  

Future meetings of the LSP Board in 2010 will be held on:


Wednesday 12 May – Norfolk Room

Thursday 8 July – Norfolk Room

Thursday 9 September – Norfolk Room

Thursday 11 November – Norfolk Room.


It was noted that the next meeting of the LSP Board would be held on Thursday 11 March 2010, at 2.00pm in the Norfolk Room, Conference Suite, Elizabeth House, Dereham.