Agenda and minutes

Venue: Norfolk Room, The Committee Suite, Elizabeth House, Dereham

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To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on the 16 July 2009.


The minutes of the meeting held on 16 July 2009 were confirmed as a correct record.




To receive apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Debbie Bartlett, Ian Clarke, Trevor Holden, Brian Horner, Valerie Jenkins and Dave Seaton.



Sustainable Community Strategy

Verbal update on Project Groups by Mark Fretwell, Partnership (LSP) Officer.


Mark Fretwell, Partnership (LSP) Officer gave a verbal update on the Project Groups.


The Environment Project Group had not met and had no projects in progress, its future would be discussed at Agenda Item 6.


The Health and Well Being Project Group had met and was looking to refresh its approach.  In future it would be more area focussed and would use Task and Finish Groups and workshops to address specific issues.


The Economic Project Group had focussed on future jobs for 18-24 year olds who had been out of work for more than a year, as part of an initiative funded by the Department of Work and Pensions.  A poster had been designed and was being publicised through the BOLD directory and press releases.  Partners were urged to distribute the poster which had already attracted some interest from local employers offering job opportunities.


The Pride Project had seen a surge of activity since Richard Wills was appointed Pride Co-ordinator in July.  The Pride website and phone line had been re-launched, new initiatives had been introduced, including the Pride in Our Armed Forces Message Board and the Pride car sticker.  Various community clean-ups had taken place and a number of small grants had been awarded for community projects.


Future Pride projects included a Breckland staff voluntary pool; Breckland in Bloom; the Pride Awards 2011; Adopt a Box; and a free tree give-away.  Partners were asked to support and get involved in these initiatives.


The Chairman asked where the tree give-aways would take place as there was concern that remote communities might miss out.  It was agreed that Richard Wills would provide more information for the next meeting.


LSP Arrangements and Delivery

To receive a report by Mark Fretwell, Partnership (LSP) Officer.

Additional documents:


Mark Fretwell, Partnership (LSP) Officer presented his report and explained that following discussion at the previous meeting he had been tasked with reviewing the status of the LSP, including its current governance arrangements, delivery, projects and structure.


Mark was concerned that the LSP did not have the capacity to deliver all six priorities within the Sustainable Community Strategy.  He therefore proposed that priority be given to the areas where need had been identified and that the partnership had the ability to deliver.


The results of the Place survey had shown that there was a real need to improve the way in which customers viewed Breckland.  The public perception of community safety was poor and there was a key role for the Partnership to lead an effective response to those concerns.


The table on page 27 of the agenda outlined the past, current and future delivery of the thematic groups and highlighted those projects that were being supported.


Mark was recommending that the Environment Project Group should cease.  There was an Officer’s Green Agenda Group which interested Partners could become involved with. 


The Deputy Chief Executive was concerned that Breckland would not achieve its outcomes if the Environment Project Group ceased.  He also felt that Breckland should maintain links with the Countywide Climate Change Group to influence the wider agenda and to receive feedback.


Jonathan Clemo agreed to represent the Board at the County Steering Group providing that Partners made clear what they were trying to deliver and where the funding would come from.




(1)               note the contents of the report;

(2)               continue with the Economic, Health & Wellbeing and Pride project groups;

(3)               cease the Environment project group and link the relevant members into the Green Members agenda hosted at Breckland Council.  Jonathan Clemo to engage at County level, on behalf of the Board, with the Norfolk Climate Change Partnership.

(4)               to set up a ‘Safer Communities’ project group linked with the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP) as detailed in the Safer Communities report; and

(5)               to set up task and finish groups for the successful funding awards for both Participatory Budgeting (PB) and the Migration Impacts Funding (MIF).



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To receive a report by Norfolk Constabulary, Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service and Breckland Council.


Superintendant Katie Elliott presented her report which sought support for a series of changes to the governance and partnership arrangements in Breckland for tackling crime and disorder.


She proposed disengagement from the King’s Lynn and West Norfolk links and the re-establishment of a stand-alone Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP).  LSP meetings could be scheduled to precede or follow those of the Responsible Authority Partnership (RAP), thus saving money and officer time.  She also suggested that there should be a CDRP standing item on the LSP agenda.


These changes would give the opportunity to focus on Breckland crime and disorder issues and to deliver on set priorities, whilst also improving the opportunities for joint working.


The Chairman asked if there were any ‘downsides’ to this proposal as it suggested that joint working did not work.


Katie explained that the other agencies had moved on.  The Constabulary now had a clear distinction between Breckland and King’s Lynn with a Superintendant in charge of each area.  She felt that local focus on Breckland would strengthen what the LSP was doing in the district.




(1)               support the cessation of the joint Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP) arrangements with King’s Lynn & West Norfolk;

(2)               support the re-establishment of a stand alone CDRP for the Breckland District;

(3)               align Breckland LSP Board meetings with Breckland CDRP RAP meetings; and

(4)               include a CDRP report as a standing agenda item at all future LSP Board meetings


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To receive a report from Mark Fretwell, Partnership (LSP) Officer.

Additional documents:


Mark Fretwell updated Partners on the decisions taken by the panel of six judges (Rob Walker, Paul Elliott, Linda Rogers, Jan Godfrey, Lucy Walker and Dave Seaton).


37 project bids had been received and each panel member had scored each project on the following:


            1)         Links to the SCS and LAA

            2)         Value for money

3)         Partner focus

4)         Added value

5)         Outcomes


The scores had been collated and the ten highest (which equated to twelve projects due to joint scores) were then discussed in detail.


Five projects were approved for funding and two others had been supported but not approved.


Neil Stott was concerned that although there were numerous applications from the third sector, none had received approval.  He asked that if there was an issue with the quality of these applications, guidance could be given in future to improve their performance.


Mark Fretwell said that he was willing to support and advise where he could.  He agreed that some projects appeared stronger than their applications had showed.


Jonathan Clemo felt that the tight timescale had been an issue, as voluntary sector organisations needed longer to prepare their applications.


Mark Fretwell explained that the tight timescale had been agreed to enable funding to be released as quickly as possible.


A member of the panel felt that in future decisions about such large amounts of money should be taken by the whole group, not just a small panel.


The Chairman agreed with this.  He also wanted to ensure that projects provided real outcomes for communities.  He did not agree with the third recommendation which he thought would encourage projects to be proposed simply to take advantage of the money available.  He thought all the remaining money should be kept and that the unsuccessful projects and any not submitted because of the time constraints, should be given the opportunity to re-apply for funding. 




(1)               note the contents of the report;

(2)               agree the panel’s funding decisions in respect of:


Ø      Active Norfolk – Get back into sport

Ø      Football in the Community (Norwich FC) & Partners – Kickz football project

Ø      Connexions – Bite size in Breckland

Ø      Norfolk Constabulary – Project ‘Old to new’

Ø      Wayland Community Radio – New voice


and issue funding to the partner agencies (subject to pre-determined conditions to be set out in an offer letter);


(3)               to allow (more time … how long?) for unsuccessful and new projects to be submitted.  These projects to be sifted and scored by a panel of officers but then brought to the Board for decision.



Migration Impacts Funding

To receive a verbal update from Mark Fretwell, Partnership (LSP) Officer.


Mark Fretwell said that following the success in being allocated £220,000 for the first year of this project he had met with project leads from other Norfolk authorities that had also received funding.  They had agreed to maximise the money by joined-up working and they would also submit joint year two proposals to ensure best use of the funding available.


Mark had also arranged a meeting at Keystone Innovation Centre in Thetford on 25 September 2009 to discuss priorities and set timescales.  Partners were welcome to attend the meeting and there were lots of projects which had opportunities for their involvement.



Participatory Budgeting (PB)

To receive a verbal update from Mark Fretwell, Partnership (LSP) Officer.


Mark Fretwell told Partners that the bid for £25,000 funding had been successful.


£10,000 had been allocated to the Breckland Youth Council to fund projects aimed at 11 to 18 year olds across the district.  The remaining £15,000 would be split between the five market towns and rural areas.  


An application for Match Funding had been submitted to Cabinet to top up the amount available.  If this bid was unsuccessful there might be an application made to the Board for more money.


Other agencies were interested and money might come from them.  The project would require a lot of involvement by Ward Representatives and Partners were encouraged to participate.


Decisions would be taken by the Citizens Panel and there would be a lot of publicity.  Promotion events would be held in the market towns,


There was concern that there was too much focus on the market towns, however, Mark explained that the venues for the promotional events had to have adequate facilities and be able to provide disabled access.  Depending on the number of bids received it might be possible to offer transport to get people to the events from rural areas. 


It was noted that the voluntary organisations held large databases and could disseminate information widely.  Mark agreed to send them the information when a plan and timescale were available.




To receive an update on Partnership finances by Mark Fretwell, Partnership (LSP) Officer.


There had been £150,000 in the budget.  £46,100 had been allocated at Minute No 35/09, leaving £103,900.  This did not include the Participatory Budgeting or Migration Funding.


It was clarified that the Partnership (LSP) Officer’s salary would need to be found from the budget, although it was hoped that other funding would be found from elsewhere.



Items for Future Agendas

To agree items for inclusion on the next or a future agenda.


It was agreed that future agendas would include:


Ø      Project Group feedback

Ø      Project Group funding

Ø      Migration and Participatory Budget funding updates


If Partners wished for other reports to be included they should contact Mark Fretwell.



Future Meetings

To note that the next meeting of the LSP Board will be held on Thursday 5 November 2009 at 2.00 pm in the Anglia Room, Elizabeth House, Breckland Council.


It was noted that the next meeting would be held on Thursday 5 November 2009, at 2.00pm in the Anglia Room, Conference Suite, Elizabeth House, Dereham.