Agenda and minutes

Venue: St George's Room, Elizabeth House, Dereham NR19 1EE

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Minutes (Agenda Item 1) pdf icon PDF 102 KB

To confirm the Minutes of the meeting held on 7 June 2011.


The following matters were noted:


Min No 46/11             New Business Improvement & Projects Sub-Committee the additional clause to the Terms of Reference had been approved by Cabinet.


Min No 47/11             (b) Members’ ICT Options

                                    Amended to say all Members had been contacted, not connected.


(c) Steria Insourcing Project

                                    The final exit meeting had been held and only the final paperwork was yet to be completed.

                                    It was noted that re-grading of staff was still outstanding.


Min No 48/11             (a) Emergency Generator

                                    An options appraisal paper, on the emergency generator and the bunker, would go to Exec Board.  The generator had also been placed on the Overview & Scrutiny Commission’s work programme.


Min No 52/11             Release of Funding

                                    Amended in the pen-ultimate paragraph on page 5 to say £1.7m capital budget (not revenue).


Min No 53/11             Customer Contact Centre – Single Benefit

                                    The IT Consultant advised that the draft had been prepared.  

                                    Members would receive training from the Training & Development Manager on Video Conferencing.

                                    The use of WebEx would also be included in the training programme.

                                    The current equipment did not include web streaming functionality.


Subject to the above amendments the Minutes of the meeting held on 7 June 2011 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.



Actions Arising (Agenda Item 2)


Marketing Requirements pdf icon PDF 72 KB

Report by the Marketing & Communications Manager.


This item was deferred until the next meeting.


The Bunker

To receive a verbal update.


The Interim Business Development Manager gave an update using information provided by the Strategic Property Manager.


It had been suggested that the cost of refurbishing the bunker could be off-set by using it as a commercial let.  However, the Strategic Property Manager did not think that would be financially viable.  Instead it was suggested that the bunker could be used for secure storage, releasing other industrial units (currently used for storage purposes) to be let commercially.


The ICT Consultant said that from a Disaster Recovery perspective the bunker did not have sufficient capacity.  There was already a Disaster Recovery site at Breckland House in Thetford which had better connectivity.


The Chairman did not want to spend money on the bunker if it was no longer part of a modern solution.  He sought assurance that Disaster Recovery and Civil Contingency requirements were met.


The Interim Business Development Manager could not confirm that but said there was an opportunity to provide a range of options which provided flexibility.  For example, the Council had a part share in the One Stop Bus which was Broadband enabled and could be used as a response centre in the event of an emergency.


The IT Consultant said that currently the Council did not have Disaster Recovery in place.


With regard to the emergency generator the Interim Business Development Manager asked which critical activities the Members wished to cover.  The cost, positioning and maintenance of an emergency generator needed to be considered.  There were a range of options available, from a generator which would restore power to the whole building within seven seconds, costing £35,000 to one which would just maintain server and telephone switch functions at a cost of £17-18,000.


The various options available were discussed further.  The Chairman asked for all the information to be made available to the Overview & Scrutiny Commission when they discussed the matter.



Mobile Working

To receive a verbal update.


The IT Project Manager advised that there had been some minor amendments to the Enterprise module since the last meeting and it was ready to go live when Licensing had checked the data.


The scanners were yet to be ordered and staff would be trained when they arrived.


It was suggested that more staff resources might be needed to fully implement the project.  The Interim Environmental Health Manager would be invited to the next meeting to provide an update on project progress.


Apologies (AGENDA ITEM 3)

To receive any apologies for absence. 


Apologies for absence had been received from Mr S Askew.



Urgent Business (AGENDA ITEM 4)

To consider any urgent business.


The Chairman agreed to accept an urgent item from the IT Project Manager due to the need for a decision before the next scheduled meeting to provide the Council with a Disaster Recovery system.


The IT Project Manager explained that the report had missed the agenda deadline due to outstanding information.  The documents were now almost ready and would be passed to the Chairman when all details were available.  He requested that delegated permission be granted to the Chairman, together with the Director for Commissioning, to approve the purchase of the Disaster Recovery system.


The system would provide a mirroring service between Thetford and Dereham so that if one of the offices was affected by an emergency all the electronically stored information would be available at the other location to continue business.  The system would cost £125,000.  The money was available and the change would provide a saving in the long term.  A draft Proforma B had been prepared and the Senior Accountant Capital and Treasury pointed out that if approved, only £173,000 would be left in the budget for future projects.


RESOLVED to delegate permission to the Chairman, in consultation with the Director of Commissioning, to approve the purchase of a Disaster Recovery system for the Council.



Declaration of Interests (Agenda Item 5)

Members are asked at this stage to declare any interests they may have in any of the following items on the agenda. The Members’ Code of Conduct requires that declarations include the nature of the interest and whether it is a personal or prejudicial interest.


No declarations were made.



Non-Members Wishing to Address the Meeting (Agenda Item 6)

To note the names of any non-members who wish to address the meeting.


Mr G Bambridge and Mr P Duigan were in attendance.



Capital programme Update (Agenda Item 7)


Capital programme 2010/11 - 2011/12

The request to carry over unspent funding to 2011/12 was approved at Cabinet on 14th June and the new 2011/12 budget was approved.  Performance is reported on Quarterly.  The first performance report for 2011/12 will therefore be available for the next meeting.


The Senior Accountant Capital and Treasury presented the report and advised that the Quarterly Performance Report would be on the next agenda.



Available Funding pdf icon PDF 33 KB

Following completion of the 2010/11 final accounts (subject to Audit) the funding available for financing the future capital program is attached at Appendix A.  The capital financing requirement (CFR) is a prudential Indicator that is monitored and indicates the underlying need to borrow.  When the CFR becomes positive there is a need to borrow.  The need to borrow will be impacted by capital spend and capital receipts and whilst the CFR is forecast to remain negative, it would be adversely affected should the Icelandic balances due, not be repaid as planned.


Members are asked to review Appendix A and note the Capital financing requirement (CFR) and request further information if required.


The report showed the amount of funding available for the capital programme. The Senior Accountant Capital and Treasury explained that when funding reached zero the Council would need to make a decision on whether it wished to borrow to fund future initiatives.



Capital programme status report pdf icon PDF 47 KB

At the last meeting, Appendix B was agreed as the format to monitor the impact and progress of the capital program.  The report shows where dates still need to be agreed and where reports are overdue.


Attached at Appendix C is the post project review report for John Room House.


Members are asked to review Appendices B and C and request further information if required.

Additional documents:


This report listed projects and gave a timeline for progress reporting.  Some dates were yet to be agreed for reports and reviews.


The Interim Business Development Manager asked Members to check the Watch List to ensure there were no projects missing from it which they wished to monitor.


The post-project review for John Room House was noted.



Next Meeting (Agenda Item 8)

To note the arrangements for the next meeting on Tuesday 30 August 2011 at 09.30 in the Norfolk Room, Elizabeth House, Dereham.



The arrangements for the meeting on 30 August 2011 were noted.