Agenda and minutes

Venue: Anglia Room, The Conference Suite, Elizabeth House, Dereham

Contact: Committee Services 

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Minutes (Agenda Item 1)

To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 25 February 2008.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 25 February 2008 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.



Apologies (Agenda Item 2)

To receive apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Mr J Labouchere and Mr R Kemp.



Declaration of Interest (Agenda Item 3)

Members are asked at this stage to declare any interests they may have in any of the following items on the agenda.  The Members’ Code of Conduct requires that declarations include the nature of the interest and whether it is personal or prejudicial.


Members and Officers were asked to declare any interests at the time the applications were made.


The Chairman declared a prejudicial interest in Item 8(b) on the Agenda (North Elmham) as she had relatives who lived next door to the site.  The Chairman left the room whilst this item was being discussed.  Mr W Borrett declared a personal interest in this item as he sits on the Committee for Fakenham Racecourse. 


Councillor Clare Bowes declared a personal interest in Schedule Item 3 as she works for Norfolk County Council.  Mr M Kiddle-Morris also declared a personal interest in this item as his wife is a partner at Hood Vores & Allwood.



Chairman's Announcements (Agenda Item 4)


Members were reminded of the dates of this year’s Summer School to be held at St Andrews, which are 29 August – 2 September.  Three places are available.



Requests to Defer Applications included in this Agenda (Agenda Item 5)

To consider any requests from Ward Members, officers or applicants to defer an application included in this agenda, so as to save any unnecessary waiting by members of the public attending for such applications.


Item 1 on the Schedule of Planning Applications, (Shipdham Aero Club) had been withdrawn by the applicant.



Local Development Framework (Agenda Item 7)

To receive an update. 


The Environmental Planning Manager was in attendance for this item.


Members were shown a Powerpoint presentation showing the current position and timetable for the future schedule. 


750 consultation responses had been received from individuals, businesses and organisations.  These responses were currently being analysed.  At a glance the feedback was positive.


Following in-depth analysis a report would be presented to Panel 1 in May.  Members were encouraged to attend.  Clarification would be sought as to voting rights.  It was thought that both Panel 1 and Development Control Committee Members should have the right to vote.


There would be a briefing to all Members following Full Council after which full consultation on site specifics would commence.


To provide clarity on which policies could be used in determining applications during this interim period between the Breckland District Local Plan running out and the adoption of the Local Development Framework the Environmental Planning Manager explained the status of Planning Policy Statements, Planning Policy Guidance and the Regional Spatial Strategy.  She also outlined how certain policies from the Local Plan had been Saved and remained extant.


Policies in the Local Development Framework gain weight as they progress towards adoption.  They become ‘material planning considerations’ and can be referred to in the decision making process.  Full transition to the new plan was not expected before November 2009.


A Member pointed out that the Planning Policy Note at the front of the Agenda needed updating.



Deferred Items (Agenda Item 8)

To consider applications deferred at previous meetings including some, but not all, of those shown on the attached Schedule of Deferred Applications.


a)         Great Ellingham: Old Hall Farm: Agricultural Dwelling for Poultry Worker for P J Southgate Ltd: Reference 3PL/2007/1722/F


The Principal Planning Officer (Major Projects) explained that Members had previously approved this application, subject to a legal agreement ensuring that the dwelling was not built before the poultry unit had been constructed, and that the dwelling was not occupied before the poultry unit had been brought into use.


The Applicant had requested that construction of the dwelling could commence prior to completion of the construction of the poultry unit, to ensure that the manager could be resident on-site as soon as the poultry unit was up-and-running.


It was pointed out that the applicant had invested a considerable sum in the development already and photographs were displayed showing that the poultry unit was indeed under construction.  It was therefore considered that the requirement for a legal agreement could be replaced by an agricultural occupancy condition and another condition only permitting the dwelling to be occupied once the poultry unit was brought into use.


A Member thought that the legal agreement had also been intended to tie the dwelling to the unit.  It was felt that there was a need to clarify this point.  The meeting was adjourned whilst the minutes from the previous meeting were checked.


The meeting reconvened at 11.00 am and Members were shown the minutes of the previous meeting.  It was confirmed that the legal agreement for this dwelling and unit had only applied to the timing of construction and use.


RESOLVED that the requirement for a legal agreement be removed and permission granted with additional conditions added concerning agricultural occupancy and the timing of occupation of the dwelling.


b)         North Elmham: Site adjacent 7 Station Road: Proposed Residential Development Site for Land & New Homes: Reference: 3PL/2007/1688/O


The Chairman declared a prejudicial interest in this item as she had relatives who lived next door to the site.  She left the room.  Mr W Borrett declared a personal interest as a member of the Committee for Fakenham Racecourse.


The Vice-Chairman assumed the Chair.


The Principal Planning Officer (Major Projects) presented this report.  The application had been deferred for additional information on the items listed.  This information had been received and he outlined its content.


Drainage Despite local concerns, Anglian Water had confirmed that the existing sewage system was adequate to deal with the additional output of the proposed development.


Railway Crossing and Highway Issues Further plans had been submitted and were shown to Members.  These proposed improvements to access and footways including the Level Crossing gates being set back to improve visibility splays and a new footway being added across the site frontage, this would narrow the existing roadway, but a six metre width would be maintained, which was acceptable to Norfolk County Council Highways.


Design & Layout The indicative site layout plan and Design and Access Statements had been amended.  The new plan showed zones to be developed and the statement set out a framework.  The  ...  view the full minutes text for item 38.


Schedule of Planning Applications (Agenda Item 9)

To consider the Schedule of Planning Applications:


Item No



Page No


Shipdham Area Club


8 - 12


QD Stores Ltd


13 - 15


Norfolk County Council


16 – 18



RESOLVED that the applications be determined as follows:


a)         Item 1: 3PL/2007/1285/F: Shipdham: Land adjoining Shipdham Aerodrome: Change of use for aerodrome & erection of 1 small hangar, 1 storage building & associated landscaping work for Shipdham Aero Club

This item had been withdrawn (See Minute No 36/08 above)


b)         Item 2: 3PL/2007/1734/H: Snetterton and Quidenham: QD Distribution Centre, Harling Road: Extension to QD central storage (renewal) for QD Stores Ltd


Approved, as recommended.


c)         Item 3: 3PL/2008/0046/F: Dereham: Former Dereham Library, Church Street: Demolition of existing former library & erection of ten dwellings (re-submission) for Norfolk County Council


Councillor C Bowes declared a personal interest in this item as an employee of Norfolk County Council.  Mr M Kiddle-Morris declared a personal interest as his wife is a partner of Hood Vores & Allwood.


Approved, as recommended subject to further conditions concerning landscaping/boundary treatment (including railings to the front).


Notes to the Schedule


The following persons were in attendance to speak on the following items:


Item No.


Agenda Item

8b North Elmham

            Mr Thompson, Supporter

            Mr S Banning, Applicant

            Mr Bailey, Agent


            Mr J Green (NPS), Agent


Written representations taken into account


Reference No.

No. of Representations





Enforcement Items (for information) (Agenda Item 10)


The item was noted.  The Chairman directed Members to contact the Enforcement Officer if they had any questions on the Enforcement Items.



Verbal Presentation on 1APP (Agenda Item 11)


The Development Services Manager explained that following a change in legislation, from 6 April 2008 planning application forms would be the same all over the country.  These ‘1APP’ forms would replace all others.  From 6 April 2008 any submissions received on other forms would not be valid applications.  However, any applications on other forms received before that date would be accepted.


With the introduction of 1APP, additional information was also required to accompany applications.  Two lists will form the basis of this extra information; the mandatory National List and the Local List which is specific to each Local Authority.  This extra information was to speed up the planning process, ensuring that relevant information was provided ‘up-front’ to enable consultees to comment more fully on proposals.


An Agent’s Forum had been held on 5th March to introduce 1APP, and a six week publicity period concerning the additional information required to accompany the 1APP applications, had commenced.


The Principal Planning Officer (Major Projects) then gave a more in-depth overview of the new system.


He explained that although the new forms were called 1APP, they actually comprised 24 sets of forms.  They were available electronically via the Planning Portal or in paper format, and could be downloaded from the Breckland website.


Most of the existing forms were only two A4 sheets, however many of the new forms were much longer and provide more information.


The Council already requests most of the information contained in the National List.  By publicising the Council’s Local List and clearly stating what information is required to be submitted with an application it is hoped that the quality of submissions will improve.  Guidance notes are also available to help prospective applicants determine the scope of the information required.


A Member queried the cost of printing off all this additional information and asked if suitable printers were available.


The Development Services Manager responded that this was a significant issue currently under review.  With the introduction of a Document Management System (a current project in hand), costs should be reduced, but in the meantime, if applications were submitted electronically, the Council would bear the cost of printing and postage when sending them out for consultation.  In future, with the advent of electronic consultations, costs should again be cut.


A Member was concerned that the process was being made more difficult for individuals and that it would be almost impossible to submit an application without the cost of employing an agent.


The Development Services Manager confirmed that advice was available to individuals and they were assisted where possible.



Applications determined by the Development Services Manager (For Information) (Agenda Item 12)

Report of the Development Services Manager.


This item was noted.



Appeals Decisions (for information) (Agenda Item 13)

APP/F2605/C/07/2042994: Ovington: Land at Rose Farm: Appeal by Traditional Norfolk Poultry Ltd against an enforcement notice issued by Breckland Council (reference ENF/2006/0628)

Decision: Appeal dismissed and the enforcement notice upheld.


APP/F2605/A/07/2053684: Beetley: Silver Glade, Elmham Road: Appeal by Mr & Mrs S W Tabor against the decision of Breckland Council not to grant outline planning permission (application reference 3PL/2007/0201/O)

Decision: Dismissed



This item was noted.