Agenda and minutes

Venue: Anglia Room, The Conference Suite, Elizabeth House, Dereham

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To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 11 April 2012.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 11 April 2012 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Apologies & Substitutes

To receive apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence had been received from Cllr Wassell, Cllr Duigan was in attendance as his substitute.


Declaration of Interest and of Representations Received

Members are asked at this stage to declare any interests they may have in any of the following items on the agenda.  The Members’ Code of Conduct requires that declarations include the nature of the interest and whether it is personal or prejudicial.


Cllr Sharpe declared a personal interest in Agenda item 8(a), Deferred Application, Attleborough, by virtue of being the Executive Support Member for Assets & Strategic Development.



Cllr Bowes declared a personal interest in Agenda Item 9, Schedule of Planning Applications, Items No. 9 and 10, Old Buckenham, as some of her family knew members of the applicant’s family.  All the other Councillors declared a personal interest too, by virtue of the fact that the applicant was a fellow Councillor.  Cllr Askew declared a personal and prejudicial interest by virtue of being the applicant.


Cllr Richmond declared a personal interest in Agenda Item 9, Schedule of Planning Applications, Item No. 11, North Elmham by virtue of knowing the applicant.









Chairman's Announcements


The Chairman advised Members that as she was now the Executive Member for Planning & Environmental Services portfolio holder, the meeting would be chaired by Cllr Wilkin, the current Vice-Chairman.


Cllr Duigan thanked Cllr Gould for all her hard work during her time as Chairman of the Planning Committee, which she had carried out in a firm and good humoured way, and that she would be missed, sentiments which were echoed by all the Members.


Cllr Gould left the meeting.  Cllr Wilkin took over as Chairman.


Local Development Framework (Standing Item)

To receive an update. 


A presentation was given to Members prior to the commencement of the Committee on the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) by Phil Mileham, Senior Planning Policy Officer.


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To consider applications deferred at previous meetings including some, but not all, of those shown on the attached Schedule of Deferred Applications.


Attleborough : Proposed Residential/Employment Development, London Road : Applicant : Taylor Wimpey Ltd : Reference : 3PL/2011/0528/H pdf icon PDF 69 KB

Report of the Director of Commissioning.

Additional documents:


Cllr Sharpe declared a personal interest by virtue of being the Executive Support Member for Assets & Strategic Development.


Correspondence had been received by Members of the Planning Committee about the application.


A mixed residential and employment development was proposed on land at London Road, Attleborough, with a full application for the residential development and with an outline employment development.


Further consideration had been given to transport matters, in consultation with the applicant and the Highway Authority, along with concerns about the potential amenity impact of 2½ storey houses on London Road, following the application being deferred by the Planning Committee on 11 April 2012.


Additional representations had been received which consisted of a number of letters from local residents with objections to the proposed access locations and more general concerns over additional traffic in the town. A further letter had been received from Attleborough Town Council in which they reiterated their concerns along with the impact of additional traffic in the town and the proposed changes to the junction.


Mr Middleton, Attleborough Town Council, stated that the traffic issues reinforced the need for wider discussion of the proposal and for the overall plans to develop Attleborough over the next 15 years.  Residents’ concerns were endorsed.  The Connaught Road proposals would not solve the problem.  Data submitted was selective.  If the application was approved they would have had over 500 houses approved since 2011.  Additional housing would impact on the town.  Cycle routes and paths in the town centre were narrow.  The application was premature, was outside the Settlement Boundary, would have a severe impact and should be included in ASHAAP.


Mr. Matthews, Objector, represented residents of Kent Close, gardens of which backed onto the A11.  He had witnessed accidents in the area.  The application did nothing to protect their quality of life and urged that the application as presented be rejected.


Mr Osborn, Agent, advised that the scheme had to balance conflicting views.  Traffic volumes had been surveyed and the scheme was based on facts, was cost effective and would have minimal affect on amenity.  The Town Council and objectors had no objection to the principle of planning on the site.  They appreciated that other developments would come forward in Attleborough.  A financial contribution would be given.  Designers had tried to exceed minimuml standards and positive efforts had been made to be good neighbours.  £49 million would be generated for the local economy which would be in the public interest.


Mr Stasiak, Ward Representative, gave apologies on behalf of Cllr Martin who was unable to attend.  When asked whether NCC owned any land connected with the application, Mr Higgins, NCC Highways responded, that he was not aware of any.  Mr Stasiak stated that the Town Council did not support the application.  He queried information given by NCC Highways.  A meeting had been held on 1 May 2012 when the pros and cons of the major traffic issues in Attleborough had been discussed.  The old A11 was used by  ...  view the full minutes text for item 48.


Schedule of Planning Applications pdf icon PDF 192 KB

To consider the Schedule of Planning Applications :


Item No



Page No


P J Southgate




Mr M Cawley & Miss M-L Cawley




Lord Walsingham 1992 Trust




Messrs D & H Angel




Richard Johnston Ltd




Breckland Council




Valley Traction Services Ltd




Breckland Council




Messrs J A Askew & Partners

Old Buckenham



Messrs J A Askew & Partners

Old Buckenham



Mr Tim Mills

North Elmham



Miss M Cook




Mr P Carter & Ms S Wright




Breckland Council






RESOLVED that the applications be determined as follows :


(a)       Item 1 : Attleborough : Demolish 6 poultry houses & replace with 6 modern poultry houses & new office & staff amenities building : Applicant : P J Southgate : Reference : 3PL/2011/1246/F


Full planning permission was sought for the erection of 6 poultry houses to replace 6 existing smaller ones, along with a new office and staff amenities building, feed bins and water tank outside the Settlement Boundary.


The applicant did not feel that the creation of a passing place on Swangey Lane, as required by the Highway Authority, was justified.  If it was, it would remove a drainage ditch and hedge from his land. There was good visibility, with a passing place already located just passed the entrance. 


Approved, as recommended but without a passing place condition being imposed.


(b)       Item 2 : Mattishall : Retention of 1 static home, 2 touring caravans, laundry room 2 sheds, fences, access/splays parking, c/u ag land to res : Applicant : Mr M Cawley & Mrs M-L Cawley : Reference : 3PL/2012/0080/F


Members has received correspondence on the application.


Retrospective planning permission was sought for the retention of one static home, two touring caravans, laundry room, two sheds, access splays, parking and the change of use from agricultural land to residential, the site being outside the Settlement Boundary.  As detailed in the report, the original proposal had been amended which would result in the removal of the front fence to be replaced by a native hedge, and if Members were minded to approve the application, the Principal Planning Officer suggested that the other fence be removed.


Since the publication of the report two letters of objection had been received which raised concerns covering local amenity, the precedent permission might cause with regard to the remainder of the land,  outside the Settlement Boundary and traffic generation issues.


The Solicitor brought Members’ attention to Articles and Protocols in the Human Rights Act.


Mr Mason, Agent, stated he had met with his clients to make sure they knew what was required should planning permission be granted with regard to the removal of the front fence, soft landscaping and the entrance way surface, and he would see any conditions complied with.


A Councillor would have liked to see the fence remain until such time that the hedges had grown as she did not feel it secure, so was worthy of consideration. 


Questions raised were with regard to the site being specifically for the family and how the level of caravans and visitors on site would be monitored, which the Principal Planning Officer answered.


Approved, as recommended.


(c)        Item 3 : Thompson : Demolition of existing detached dwelling and construction of replacement dwelling : Applicant : Lord Walsingham 1992 Trust : Reference : 3PL/2012/0150/F


The demolition of an existing detached dwelling and construction of a replacement dwelling was proposed outside the Settlement Boundary.  No information on the intentions for the barn were part of the application.


Mr Cowen, Ward  ...  view the full minutes text for item 49.


Variation of Section 106 Agreement : Proposed Residential Development, Hill Farm, Sporle : Applicant : Mrs E Gent : Reference : 3PL/2007/1303/O & 3PL/2007/1305/O pdf icon PDF 54 KB

Report of the Director of Commissioning.


The report detailed the request to vary the terms of a Section 106 Agreement relating to a proposed residential development at Sporle.  The applicant had requested that the current legal agreement be varied to require a financial contribution to be paid to the Council to enable affordable housing to be provided elsewhere, instead of providing units on-site.  The sum payable would be £100,000, and would be triggered by the occupation of the seventh dwelling.


RESOLVED as recommended, that the Section 106 Agreement be varied to allow the commuted sum of £100,000 be paid instead of the provision of on-site affordable housing.


Applications determined by the Director of Commissioning pdf icon PDF 74 KB

Report of the Director of Commissioning


Members are requested to raise any questions at least two working days before the meeting to allow information to be provided to the Committee.





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