Agenda and minutes

Venue: Anglia Room, The Conference Suite, Elizabeth House, Dereham

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Minutes (Agenda Item 1) pdf icon PDF 85 KB

To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 4 January 2010.


The Chairman suggested an addition to the second sentence of the fourth paragraph on page five of the minutes, to read:  “However, the joinery concerned had moved, and no objections …”


Subject to the above amendment, the minutes of the meeting held on 4 January 2010 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.



Apologies (Agenda Item 2)

To receive apologies for absence.


Apologies for absence were received from Mr R Kemp and Mr M Kiddle-Morris.



Declaration of Interest and of Representations Received (Agenda Item 3)

Members are asked at this stage to declare any interests they may have in any of the following items on the agenda.  The Members’ Code of Conduct requires that declarations include the nature of the interest and whether it is personal or prejudicial.


Members and Officers were asked to declare any interest at the time the applications were introduced.


No declarations were noted.



Requests to Defer Applications included in this Agenda (Agenda Item 5)

To consider any requests from Ward Members, officers or applicants to defer an application included in this agenda, so as to save any unnecessary waiting by members of the public attending for such applications.





Urgent Business (Agenda Item 6)

To note whether the Chairman proposes to accept any item as urgent business, pursuant to Section 100(B)(4)(b) of the Local Government Act 1972.





Local Development Framework (Agenda Item 7)

To receive an update. 


The Development Services Manager updated Members on the progress of the Site Specifics Documents.  A meeting had taken place at the Ecotech Centre in Swaffham on 19 January 2010, to discuss Settlement Boundaries in the north-west quadrant of the district.  The next meeting would be on 28 January 2010 in Harling, when parishes in the south-east would be discussed.


Two public open days were being held on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 January 2010 in the Carnegie Rooms in Thetford.  A range of information would be available concerning Moving Thetford Forward and the Thetford Area Action Plan.


A Member asked if it was possible to make policy changes to the Local Development Framework and was advised that as the Core Strategy and Development Control Policies had been found sound by the Inspector it would be difficult to change them at this time.  However, general issues could be considered year on year and it might be possible to reconsider or re-visit specific policies in the future.



Thetford: Residential Development, Former Thetford Cottage Hospital, Earls Street for Norfolk Nhs Primary Care Trust: Reference: 3PL/2009/0977/F (Agenda Item 9) pdf icon PDF 79 KB

Report of the Deputy Chief Executive.


This application proposed the conversion of the original cottage hospital into four flats and the erection of nine new build dwellings on the remainder of the site.  Later additions to the original hospital would be demolished and a new access would be created.


A previous application had proposed the demolition of all buildings on the site and had been refused by Members as they had considered that the loss of the original cottage hospital building would be harmful to the character of the area.


Only two affordable units were proposed due to viability issues.  The applicant had provided figures which had been forwarded to the District Valuer (DV).  The recommendation of approval was subject to confirmation from the DV that the site could not support the full affordable housing requirement. 


Other issues to be considered were parking and the relationships with neighbouring properties.


Mr Mossop, owner of the adjacent Snooker Centre, objected to the two houses (Nos 12 and 13) on the boundary of the site adjacent to his business.  He was deeply concerned that residents of those two properties would be disturbed by his customers both at the entrance and to the rear of the property where he had a ‘smoking area’.  He had a licence for music and dancing on Friday and Saturday evenings and was concerned that complaints would affect the business which he had run for over 20 years.


Mr Nolan, Agent, explained that the Cottage Hospital no longer met the requirements of the NHS Trust.  A new building had replaced its use and the cottage hospital had closed.  No buyers had been found for the building and so redevelopment of the site was proposed.  He had worked closely with the Officers to produce a scheme with the potential to refurbish the hospital building and provide employment.


A Thetford Member was disappointed that the NHS Trust had not found an appropriate use for the old hospital.  She was concerned about the potential effect on the Snooker Centre, which was a well run business with a good reputation; the lack of parking; and the potential overlooking of the Doctor’s surgery, especially as it had permission for an extension.


Another Member felt that there should be a buffer zone between the Snooker Centre and any new housing.  He was also concerned that when the existing extension to the hospital was removed it might damage the building and he suggested a modern extension should replace it, providing two units of accommodation in place of units 12 and 13.


The Principal Planning Officer (Major Projects) said that considerable thought had gone into the site’s layout.  They had considered repositioning the new access adjacent to the Snooker Hall to provide a buffer zone but as the Hall was almost on the road, it would be difficult to achieve a safe access there.  He suggested that a condition could be imposed if permission was granted requiring details of the means of making good the hospital when the extension was removed.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 18.


Carbrooke: Proposed Neighbourhood Centre/Erection Of 8 Dwellings: Former RAF Watton Technical Site for HDD RAF Watton: Reference: 3PL/2009/0990/D (Agenda Item 10) pdf icon PDF 85 KB

Report of the Deputy Chief Executive.


This was a revised proposal for reserved matters approval of a neighbourhood centre, comprising four retail units and eight dwellings.


The format was similar to previous schemes considered by the Committee and proposed reduced retail space (previously six units) and extra dwellings (previously four).  Access would be via a new roundabout.


Despite the reduction in size Officers considered that proposal would still perform as a local centre and the retail building provided a distinctive access to this gateway site.  The layout allowed a degree of separation between retail and residential and retained existing trees.  The design was a simple contemporary style, similar to the previously approved scheme.


It was confirmed that the Open Space did not include any play equipment but that this was provided on other Open Space areas within the larger development.


RESOLVED to approve the application subject to conditions relating to external materials, parking, cycle storage, tree protection, landscaping and retail unit size.



Schedule of Planning Applications (Agenda Item 11) pdf icon PDF 28 KB

To consider the Schedule of Planning Applications:


Item No



Page No


Norfolk NHS Primary Care Trust




Mr R Croft




Mrs J Mysko

North Tuddenham




RESOLVED that the applications be determined as follows:


(a)       Item 1: Thetford: Former Thetford Cottage Hospital, Earls Street: Conversion of original hospital building into 4 flats demolition of remainder and residential development of remainder of site for Norfolk NHS Primary Care Trust: Reference: 3PL/2009/0977/F


Deferred, see Minute No 18/10 above.


(b)       Item 2: Carbrooke: Neighbourhood Centre, Blenheim Garage (Former RAF Watton), Norwich Road: Mixed use local centre, retail units with 30 No parking spaces, 6 – three bed and 2 – two bed houses, parking and landscaping for Mr R Croft: Reference: 3PL/2009/0990/D


Approved, see Minute No 19/10 above.


(c)        Item 3: North Tuddenham: Dale Tree Barns, Low Road: Variation of condition 5 on pp 3PL/2005/1274/F to allow annexe to be occupied by applicant for temporary period for Mrs J Mysko: Reference: 3PL/2009/1164/F


This application sought temporary permission for the applicant to occupy the annexe as a separate unit of residential accommodation.  Two similar applications had been refused by the Committee and an Enforcement Notice had been served.


Additional supporting information had been provided but Officers did not consider that this justified unacceptable development.


Mr Stapleton, representing the Parish Council, said that they had considered this series of applications and opposed them all.  They did not want a precedent set. He asked if temporary permission might lead to the house being sold separately from the annexe.


The Council’s Solicitor said that if Members were minded to approve the application he would recommend a legal agreement to tie the annexe to the main house.


Members supported the Parish Council’s views and one said that they had seen how this development had evolved from a garage to an annexe and the Committee needed to demonstrate that this was not the way to achieve a separate dwelling in the countryside.


Refused, as recommended.


Notes to the Schedule


Item No



Mr Mossop – Objector

Mr Nolan - Agent


Mr Stapleton – Parish Council


Written Representations taken into account


Reference No

No of Representations







Applications determined by the Deputy Chief Executive (Agenda Item 12) pdf icon PDF 52 KB

Report of the Deputy Chief Executive.


This item was noted.



Enforcement Items (Agenda Item 13) pdf icon PDF 56 KB

Report of the Deputy Chief Executive.


This item was noted.



Applications Determined by Norfolk County Council (Agenda Item 14)

3CM/2009/0025/F: Old Buckenham: Old Buckenham High School, Abbey Road: Alterations to form caretakers works area for the Director of Children’s Services.

Decision: Conditional Approval


3CM/2009/0024/F: Beeston: Punch Farm Quarry, Litcham Road, Beeston with Bittering: Formation of access to C222 Litcham Road, construct haul road to quarry and closure of existing access to Watery Lane quarry traffic for East Anglian Stone Ltd.

Decision: Withdrawn


3CM/2009/0019/F: North Elmham: North Elmham VC Primary School, Holt Road: Replace existing school entrance doors, provide access ramp, new 2m high wall and gates for the Director of Children’s Services.

Decision: Conditional Approval


This item was noted.



Appeal Decisions (Agenda Item 15)

APP/F2605/A/09/2112829: Dereham: Spencers Lodge, Toftwood: Appeal against the refusal to grant planning permission for proposed new bungalow and alteration/extension to existing garage by Mr M Gore: Reference 3PL/2009/0251/F.

Decision: Appeal Dismissed.


APP/F2605/A/09/2112831: Dereham: Spencers Lodge, Toftwood: Appeal against the refusal to grant planning permission for proposed new bungalow and double garage by Mr M Gore: Reference 3PL/2009/0253/F.

Decision: Appeal Dismissed


APP/F2605/A/09/2112833: Dereham: Spencers Lodge, Toftwood: Appeal against the refusal to grant planning permission for proposed new double garage by Mr M Gore: Reference 3PL/2009/0252/F.

Decision: Appeal Dismissed


This item was noted.