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Fees and Charges

Meeting: 12/02/2008 - Cabinet (Item 28)

Fees and Charges (Agenda item 7)

Report of the Executive Member for the Cabinet Office.

Additional documents:


The Section 151 Officer presented the report which set out the proposed fees and charges for the financial year 2008/2009.  He explained that some fees, such as those for development control planning applications, were set by central government and could not be changed.  However, there was a broad range of services where the Council had the power to determine the charge to the recipient; these were commonly known as discretionary charges.


A review of current charges had been undertaken to compare Breckland’s fees with those charged by other Norfolk authorities to ensure that Breckland’s fees were not much different to those of our neighbours.  A more comprehensive review was planned as part of the Value for Money review programme which would take place during the summer.  This would allow Breckland to follow best practice guidelines including ‘Positively Charged’, the recently published guide from the Audit Commission.


The schedule in Appendix A set out the proposed fees and charges to take effect from April 2008.  This included both statutory and discretionary fees and charges.


The options available to Members were as follows:-


1)           Approve the fees and charges as set out in the schedule to the report.


2)           Retain current charges or recommend alternatives.


The reason for the recommendation was to approve the fees and charges for 2008/2009.




1)           the charges as set out in the fees and charges schedule be approved and to take effect from 1st April 2008; and


2)           a comprehensive review of fees and charges be agreed and reported back in September 2008.