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Cultural Olympiad

Meeting: 12/02/2008 - Cabinet (Item 32)

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Report of the Executive Member for Community and Cultural Services.

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The report requested funding to support the ‘Breckland Cultural Olympiad celebration 2008’ forming part of the Council’s Civic Pride Agenda.


Mr S Askew, the Executive Member for Community Services felt that this would be a fantastic opportunity for Breckland Council.


The Leisure Services Manager informed Members that if funding was approved it would mark the start of an ambitious four year programme leading up to the 2012 Olympics, and would put Breckland Council ahead of many authorities in the UK.   As a rural authority it would be an opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the country what regions such as East Anglia could achieve.


A number of events had been planned and most would be self funding; however, given the range of activities there was a high degree of risk that some would incur costs which had not been anticipated.  In addition some of the events would require upfront funding to be put in place.


The options available to Members were to either approve or not to approve the request for a Cultural Olympiad Funding Reserve of up to £50k.


The reasons for the recommendation were as follows:


·              It met the Corporate Objectives of the Council

·              To continue to raise the profile of our District, as part of the Council’s Civic Pride Agenda

·              Creating sustainable clubs and community groups and improving community cohesion


Unfortunately, it was noted that there had been a slight accounting error and the ‘Area Based Grant’ of £95k that Breckland Council would receive in 2008, had not been included in the original estimates.  However, following clarification from the Chief Executive, it was agreed that the recommendation be amended as follows:


RECOMMEND to Council that subject to acceptance of the ‘Area Based Grant’ of £95k the proposal for a Cultural Olympiad Funding Reserve of up to £50k be accepted.