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Inspiring Communities Update

Meeting: 28/10/2021 - Overview and Scrutiny Commission (Item 90)

Inspiring Communities Update

To receive a presentation from Stephen James, Assistant Director, Housing & Communities and Samantha Armitage, Community Services Manager.


The Community Services Manager, Samantha Armitage gave a presentation on Inspiring Communities and explained the scope of the programme, how decisions were made and how Members could be involved.


The Community Services Manager explained how Inspiring Communities had been set up with a community-led approach for the prevention of vulnerability within Breckland and that Breckland Council would collectively lead, enable and support a district-wide initiative to help its residents.


The vision was to inspire communities to enhance the lives of Breckland residents through strategic partnerships; early intervention services and community funding with a specific aim of making a positive impact on those affected by Domestic Abuse; Mental Health issues; Social Isolation, Loneliness and County Lines. The team had researched what mattered to the local communities across Breckland, the issues that were being faced and agreed what to prioritise and focus on. The Community Services Manager said that Breckland was a safe, healthy and prosperous place to live and work but that some residents were vulnerable and needed assistance.


The Community Services Manager stated that under their four priorities, so far Breckland Council had delivered the following:


County Lines:


·         Funded ANPR Cameras

·         Funded an improved Search Facility at Wayland Prison

·         A Contextual Safeguarding Locality Plan with NCCSP was being developed


Domestic Abuse:


·         Funded an Early Help Support worker for th3e Daisy Programme

·         Developed an internal Domestic Abuse Commitment

·         Signed up to H.E.A.R (Help, Educate, Awareness and Respond), a joint campaign between the Police, Crime and Commissioners Office and Norfolk County Council


Mental Health:


·         Funded Breckland Mental Health Community Partnership

·         Co-designed Mindful Towns and Villages project

·         Funded Breckland Youth Advisory Board Mental Health partnership


Social Isolation & Loneliness:


·         Direct funding and delivery of Silver Social

·         Commissioned to deliver Social Prescribing Service by Mid-Norfolk PCN (spanned wider than Social Isolation & Loneliness but was a vital service to help prevent)


The Community Services Manager also explained how decisions were made and what criteria and evidence would be investigated to base the decisions on. The Inspiring Communities Fund was a match funding scheme providing grants of up to £5,000 for community projects in the Breckland district and applicants could expect a maximum of 50% of the total project costs. The scheme was administered by Norfolk Community Foundation.


The team were currently working on providing a brochure and/or leaflets to list all of the services available that Members could to, to enable them to support their communities which would be made available in due course.


Councillor Eagle felt it was prudent to get the balance right for all ages with a mixture of capital projects in addition to support for social gatherings.


Councillor Jermy felt that sustainability would be key for the continuation of the project and that evidence base would be crucial to fund the right projects in the right way. He also felt that as a Member of Breckland Council, he would very much like to be involved in understanding how Members identified priorities and how they could be involved in shaping what was happening  ...  view the full minutes text for item 90