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Consideration of complaint against a Councillor

Meeting: 19/11/2018 - Governance and Audit Hearing Panel (Item 12)

12 Consideration of complaint against a Councillor under the Localism Act 2011

Report of Maxine O’Mahony, Executive Director Strategy & Governance & Monitoring Officer.


Additional documents:


The Executive Manager for Governance presented the report.


The Panel had heard that the Subject member could not be present and had not presented any additional comments to those in his responses to the complaint or the investigation report.


The Independent person was invited to present his views of the complaint.


The Panel retired to consider their findings which are set out in the Decision Notice attached.  In doing so, the Panel had regard to the evidence given, the views of the Independent Person, and all of the information in the agenda pack – which included the subject Member’s written response to the complaint.