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Strategic Economic Plan for the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership

Meeting: 17/10/2017 - Cabinet (Item 102)

102 Strategic Economic Plan for the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (Agenda item 8) pdf icon PDF 76 KB

Report of Councillor Adrian Stasiak, Executive Member for Growth & Commercialisation.

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The Executive Member for Growth & Commercialisation presented the report.   The Strategy was the work of local authorities, businesses and the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), to drive forward a single vision for our region.  Members’ attention was drawn to the ambitions for Norfolk and Suffolk highlighted at section 1.9 of the report which the Executive Member believed were achievable.


It had been difficult to include as much detail as would have been preferred due to the many partners involved.


Councillor Duigan was aware that the Government had set the rules and the document itself would have to go through due process; however, he had a number of concerns as the Breckland area itself, in his opinion, was not in the favoured area for the LEP particularly in relation to Dereham.  He also raised concerns about the document that sat underneath this, which he had sight of; this document contained many ‘stats’ and from a Breckland point of view he knew were incorrect.  Dereham was taking a great deal of housing growth but getting no money to enable it and therefore felt that the said document had to be improved.




The Strategy had been based on a strong evidence base and its direction addressed issues which were of importance to Breckland.  The coordinated approach set out by the Strategy was likely to have more success as resolution of these economic issues required a comprehensive approach across all sectors.  This had been recognised by Government and funding agencies and a strong coordinated approach across New Anglia would assist in seeking resources.  Current events and the advent of the Government’s Industrial Strategy would mean that it was important that New Anglia had a comprehensive Strategy in place as soon as possible so moving forward on the basis of the draft document was a sensible way to speed up the process.




·         To approve the Economic Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk


·         Decline to approve the Economic Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk


RESOLVED that the New Anglia Economic Strategy be approved.