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Review of Shared Management Agreement

Meeting: 17/10/2017 - Cabinet (Item 105)

105 Review of Shared Management Agreement (Agenda item 11) pdf icon PDF 65 KB

Report of Councillor Mark Robinson, Executive Member for Governance.

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The Executive Member for Governance presented the report which asked Members to consider the Memorandum of Agreement between Breckland Council and South Holland District Council.


The Agreement set out the purpose and the aims of, and regulated the operation of, the shared management arrangements with South Holland.


Members had tasked the Executive Manager for Governance with identifying a mechanism to overcome the issues raised in paragraph 1.8 of the report but which retained the role of the Joint Appointments & Disciplinary Committee.  Any such proposals would form a separate report to a future meeting of the Council.




The Memorandum of Agreement sets out the legal basis of the Shared Management arrangements.  It was important that the Agreement remains robust and reflected the current operation of all shared staff and the Shared Management structure as amended from time to time.


The Memorandum of Agreement was reviewed every two years, and the current review was now due.


Approving the proposed amendments would provide greater certainty as to the parties’ respective rights and liabilities.  Ensuring that the Terms of the Agreement were certain would minimise risk to the parties.




·         To approve in full the updated Memorandum of Agreement as detailed in Appendix 1 of the report.


·         To approve in part some of the recommended amendments to the Memorandum of Agreement.


·         Not to approve any updates to the Memorandum of Agreement.




1.    RECOMMEND to Full Council that the Memorandum of Agreement attached at Appendix 1 of the report and as amended be approved.


2.    RESOLVED that the Legal Services Manager, in consultation with the Executive Member for Governance, be instructed to amend the Terms of Reference of the Joint Appointments and Disciplinary Committee for submission to Full Council.