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Risk Report

Meeting: 09/12/2016 - Governance & Audit Committee (Item 72)

72 Strategic Risk Registers/Quarterly Update - Risk Management (Agenda item 18)

Report of the Executive Director, Strategy & Governance.


Additional documents:


The Corporate Improvement & Performance Manager presented the report and highlighted that a number of major amendments had been made since the last meeting.


It was agreed that in future some risks would be discussed in open session, others, which were considered to be strategic/sensitive issues would continue to be discussed in private.


The Chairman felt that a score/target column should be included on the risk register in future; other suggestions were also put forward. 


The Internal Audit Consortium Manager pointed out that if Members had any serious concerns, Managers could be called into Committee to explain the reason why their target had not been met.  It was agreed that Members would notify the report author in advance of the meeting if this was required.


It was agreed that the Corporate Improvement & Performance Manager would continue to develop the Strategic Risk Register to suit the Committee’s requirements.


The contents of the report were otherwise noted.