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The Anchor Hotel, Thetford

Meeting: 20/11/2012 - Cabinet (Item 135)

135 The Anchor Hotel, Thetford (Agenda item 15a) - additional item pdf icon PDF 62 KB

Report of Mark Kiddle-Morris, Executive Member for Assets & Strategic Development.

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The Executive Member for Assets & Strategic Development presented the report which updated Members on the current position with the existing buildings on the site of the former Anchor Hotel.


The majority of the hotel had been deemed as unsafe and therefore the demolition of all the buildings was the preferred option; this would align the Council for the reasons set out in section 4 of the report.  If approved, temporary landscaping would be put in place.


The Executive Member for Internal Services agreed with the aforementioned option as demolishing part of the building would still leave the Council with a 100% of the liability.  The agreement for temporary landscaping also needed to be emphasised.


Marion Chapman-Allen a Ward Member for the area stated that it would be a great relief for the Thetford Fire Service if all the building was pulled down.


The Opposition Leader, also a Ward Member for Thetford, stated that a great many people would be sad to see the hotel disappear and he was disappointed that it had been left in such disrepair.  Thetford had not embraced its history enough and therefore any build should be sympathetic to what had been there before.


The Executive Member for Performance & Business Development agreed with the Opposition Leader’s aforementioned views but it had been a long time since this building had been young and beautiful and looking at the pictures provided in the report the heritage had already gone and it was time for the building to be demolished.


The Opposition Leader said that one of the special features within the hotel was the oak beams and he urged the Cabinet that if the building was to be demolished that these be kept and re-used in the new build.  The Executive Member for Assets & Strategic Development agreed with this request and said that he would mention this to the contractor.


Option 1


To release £32,000.00 to remove part of the Anchor Hotel, in accordance with the structural survey recommendations.


Option 2


To release £110,000.00 to enable the demolition of the existing buildings on the site of the former Anchor Hotel and undertake an interim landscaping scheme.


Option 3


Do nothing.




Whilst the structural survey recommended part removal of the buildings, the Council had an opportunity to demolish the structure as a whole, to satisfy not only the requirements of the structural survey, but provide the opportunity to improve the area and provide the catalyst for the regeneration of the Riverside area.


RECOMMEND to Council that £110,000.00 be released to enable the demolition of the existing buildings on the site of the former Anchor Hotel and an interim landscaping scheme be undertaken.