Issue - meetings

Reference from the Overview and Scrutiny Commission

Meeting: 08/06/2010 - Cabinet (Item 64)

Reference from the Overview and Scrutiny Commission - Sickness Absence (Agenda item 13)

To consider references from the meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Commission held on 27 May 2010.

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The Overview & Scrutiny Commission Chairman presented the report and commended paragraph 2.4 to the Cabinet.  He felt that this had been a very good piece of work carried out by Scrutiny.


The Chief Executive agreed and pointed out that over the last 12 months, Breckland Council had made good progress with reducing its sickness absence figures.


Referring to paragraph 8 of the report which made reference to the wider comparison of sickness absence with some other 15 local authorities across England in Breckland’s CIPFA “family group”, which although showed Breckland Council to be performing well in comparison to its peer group, it was agreed that other comparators needed to be taken into consideration in future reviews.












1)           the existing policy be updated with minor changes as shown at Appendix 1 of the report;


2)           an electronic version of the return to work interview form be provided; this would save time and paper and would also allow for automatic generation of e-mail reminders and flagging on non-returns;


3)           an accident information card be produced for use by officers working out of the office; and


4)           a review of the Out of Hours service be carried out, to safeguard staff and to ensure that staff and the service providers were aware of their respective responsibilities.