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Governance and Performance Monitoring Report - Quarter 2 2009/10

Meeting: 08/12/2009 - Cabinet (Item 111)

111 Governance and Performance Monitoring Report - Quarter 2 2009/10 (Agenda item 7) pdf icon PDF 724 KB

Report of the Executive Member for the Governance and Corporate Development Portfolio (William Smith).


The Performance Manager presented the report which detailed how well the Council was using its resources to deliver value for money as well as better and sustainable outcomes for local people.


The report had been structured into four themed sections: managing finances, managing performance, governing the Council and managing resources.


Managing Finances


The forecasted year end outturn at the end of Quarter 2 had reflected an overall underspend of £72,520 for the Council.


Income shown on page 5 of the document showed three areas that were experiencing a shortfall. 


Income related to Land Charges and Development Control were linked to the economic climate, whereas the Bed and Breakfast shortfall was as a result of the Council managing down its usage of this type of accommodation which reduced the potential recoverable income.


Under Treasury Management (page 6 of the report), both measures, of actual income and percentage interest, remained better than targeted.


The Capital Programme report on page 7 requested approval for a revised budget of £7,419,569.  This reflected the proactive management of the scheme.


Page 11 of the report asked for virements to be agreed to reflect the latest forecasts of spend and income and to ensure reported budget performance remained updated.


Additionally, on page 12, the report asked for grant funding awarded to the Council to be accepted and the income and expenditure approved.


Managing Performance


The Managing Performance section on page 13 of the report tracked the Council’s performance against its Annual Delivery Plan.  All variances to planned targets and milestones had been covered in more detail through the report.


Customer Service on pages 24 to 28 of the report showed how the Council was using its data collected through the call centre for National Indicator 14 to change the way it operated.


The Council had seen a fall in complaints during quarter 2 with 20 received compared to 38 the previous quarter.  Compliments had remained similar to last quarter with 13 received.


Page 37 of the report considered the performance of contracts.  Beginning with Serco, there had been a fall in the number of complaints received and an increase in satisfaction for all three areas monitored.


Parkwood Leisure, who delivered the leisure centres in partnership with Breckland, showed an increase in customer satisfaction levels in both Thetford and Dereham, with Thetford’s levels being significantly increased against quarter 1 and currently standing at 85%.


Capita performance remained high with all but one indicator being on target.  All critical performance indicators remained on target.


The Anglia Revenues Partnership remained challenged by increased demand due to the economic climate although performance remained high.  Time taken to process housing benefit and council tax benefit was higher than target, but had seen consistent falls during the early part of Quarter 3.


Governing the Council


The Council’s risks were managed through the Audit Committee and these were shown from page 47 to 66 of the report.


Managing Resources


Looking at how the Council managed its resources, an under-spend of £109,933 was forecast for  ...  view the full minutes text for item 111