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Business Improvement Sub-Committee

Meeting: 15/09/2009 - Cabinet (Item 89)

89 Business Improvement Sub-Committee (Agenda item 15) pdf icon PDF 78 KB

Minutes of the meeting of the Sub-Committee held on 7 September 2009.


a)            Urgent Business (Minute No. 02/09)


The Member Services Manager explained that the conversion of the former Business Improvement Board to a Sub-Committee of Cabinet restricted the membership to Executive Members only.  Councillor Duigan could still attend the meeting but would not be able to vote on any matters discussed.


The recommendation to co-opt Mr P Duigan as a full voting member of the Business Improvement Sub-Committee was therefore not accepted.


b)            Terms of Reference (Minute No. 4/09


RESOLVED that the wording at clause 9 of the Business Improvement Sub-Committee’s Terms of Reference be amended to ensure the use of ‘sustainable’ procurement, rather than ‘green’ procurement.


c)            Minutes


RESOLVED that, subject to no action on the recommendation at 02/09, the Minutes of the Business Improvement Sub-Committee meeting held on 7 September 2009 be adopted.