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Governance and Performance Report

Meeting: 15/09/2009 - Cabinet (Item 87)

87 Governance and Performance Report (Agenda item 12) pdf icon PDF 539 KB

Report of the Executive Member for the Governance and Corporate Development Portfolio (William Smith).


The Governance and Performance Monitoring report detailed how well the Council was using its resources to deliver value for money as well as better and sustainable outcomes for local people.


The Performance Manager provided Members with a detailed overview of the report.


Members’ attention was drawn to the recommendations on pages 8, 9 and 10 of the document.


The Executive Member for Economic, Health and Housing felt that the outcome of the discretionary HMO Licensing scheme project did not reflect what had actually happened.  He explained that the Government had introduced the scheme which, in fact, was totally inadequate for a rural area such as Breckland.  He felt that this information should be reflected in the report in some way.


The Executive Member for Governance and Corporate Development thanked the Performance Team for improving the knowledge of performance management.  Referring to the customer feedback section, he asked whether there was a comprehensive satisfaction figure similar to the one that the Council used to receive from the Citizens Panel.  In response, the Performance Manager explained that such data had recently been collected through the ‘Play’ Survey and would be brought to a future meeting.








See report.


RESOLVED that the Governance and Performance report be noted, and the funding grants as listed on page 8 of the report from the awarding bodies be accepted.


RECOMMEND to Council that:


1)            the budget for both the grant income and expenditure as detailed on page 8 of the Governance and Performance report be approved;


2)            the variations to the Capital programme as shown on page 9 of the Governance and Performance report be approved;


3)            the new 2009/10 budget of £8,142,787 be agreed to include the revised funding; and


4)            thevirements as listed on page 10 of the Governance and Performance report be approved.