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Movable Housing Policy

Meeting: 15/09/2009 - Cabinet (Item 84)

84 Movable Housing Policy (Agenda item 9) pdf icon PDF 69 KB

Report of the Executive Member for the Economic, Health and Housing Portfolio (Paul Claussen).

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The Principal Environmental Health Officer presented the report which concerned a policy for moveable dwellings reflecting the changes in legislation and good practice and to adopt new standards for permanent residential units.


Whilst the underlying legislation remained unchanged new legislation covering the fire safety aspects of caravan and camping sites had been brought forward.


The Executive Member for Governance and Corporate Development asked whether these changes would have any effect on costs to residents in mobile homes.  In response, Members were informed that this would not and there would not be any change to planning rules.




1)            To adopt the new policy and standards which reflect current legislative provision and the powers already adopted by Cabinet.


2)            Not to adopt the new policy and/or standards would present difficulties in any future enforcement proceedings.




1)            To enable the Council to comply with the current Model Standards.


2)            To be able to justify its actions in relation to licensing of moveable dwellings.


RESOLVED that the Movable Dwellings Policy and its new standards be adopted.