Attendance summary

Explanation of the statistics columns

The number of meetings that the councillor was expected to attend in their capacity as member of that committee.
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in their capacity as member of that committee.
In attendance
The number of meetings that the councillor attended in a capacity other than committee member, for example a voluntary attendance out of personal interest for a topic being discussed.
Councillor Expected Present In attendance
Councillor Sylvia Armes1038412
Councillor Tristan Ashby46325
Councillor Stephen Askew48228
Councillor Stephen Askew23822529
Councillor Roger Atterwill11111
Councillor Pat Balaam97822
Councillor Jill Ball1019322
Councillor Gordon Bambridge375347185
Councillor Timothy Birt754
Councillor Jane Bishop48408
Councillor Bill Borrett22217993
Councillor Claire Bowes38230173
Councillor Roy Brame1601171
Councillor Mike Brindle31252
Councillor Hilary Bushell1090
Councillor Alec Byrne1951422
Councillor Brenda Canham493817
Councillor John Carrick110
Councillor Charles Carter1198615
Councillor Trevor Carter19117451
Councillor The Earl Cathcart100
Councillor Marion Chapman-Allen36827078
Councillor Sam Chapman-Allen11910821
Councillor Robert Childerhouse160909
Councillor Sheila Childerhouse000
Councillor Carl Clark85523
Councillor Harry Clarke12110216
Councillor Paul Claussen44140069
Councillor Ed Colman850
Councillor Philip Cowen257222127
Councillor Helen Crane11101
Councillor Denis Crawford674914
Councillor Vera Dale654
Councillor Paul Darby17314930
Councillor Pablo Dimoglou908234
Councillor Susan Dowling974
Councillor Richard Duffield23616215
Councillor Phillip Duigan438412175
Councillor Fabian Eagle760
Councillor Bernard English18175
Councillor Michael Fanthorpe156953
Councillor Lady Fisher19517943
Councillor Peter Francis1331177
Councillor Keith Gilbert26719533
Councillor Linda Goreham000
Councillor Robin Goreham17212019
Councillor Elizabeth Gould31128322
Councillor Stuart Green58302
Councillor John Gretton86562
Councillor Kay E Grey760
Councillor Michael Griffin54371
Councillor Chris Harvey651
Councillor Paul Hewett610
Councillor Paul Hewett1275317
Councillor Theresa Hewett13910719
Councillor Chris Holland100
Councillor Jennifer Hollis1018340
Councillor Diana Irving251200113
Councillor Jane James761
Councillor Terry Jermy19715940
Councillor Adrian Joel30027368
Councillor Ellen Jolly14511962
Councillor Cliff Jordan15913318
Councillor Roy Kemp105814
Councillor Ray Key000
Councillor Tina Kiddell760
Councillor Mark Kiddle-Morris980
Councillor Mark Kiddle-Morris32428166
Councillor Robert Kybird28025236
Councillor John Labouchere12411128
Councillor Terry Lamb2171521
Councillor Ian Martin852
Councillor Keith Martin32330569
Councillor Shirley Matthews32027274
Councillor Kate Millbank1921327
Councillor Shirley Miller1067710
Councillor Ian Monson70461
Councillor Linda Monument23818924
Councillor Thomas Monument111932
Councillor Derek Mortimer72661
Councillor Philip Morton556
Councillor David Myers1317826
Councillor Mike Nairn16512955
Councillor John Newton775943
Councillor Jenny North10310127
Councillor William Nunn37432137
Councillor Rhodri Oliver72470
Councillor Albert Paines000
Councillor Thelma Paines000
Councillor Karen Pettitt51331
Councillor Pauline Quadling125451
Councillor Jack Ramm110
Councillor Robert Richmond14514328
Councillor William Richmond22720451
Councillor Mark Robinson22816855
Councillor John Rogers24322114
Councillor Simon Rogers88642
Councillor Brian Rose24921415
Councillor Roy Rudling000
Councillor Frank Sharpe37734059
Councillor Ian Sherwood32726512
Councillor Bryan Skull65420
Councillor William Smith40836532
Councillor Mike Spencer104491
Councillor Pam Spencer2832436
Councillor Adrian Stasiak32026865
Councillor Ann Steward19414456
Councillor Sarah E. Suggitt11101
Councillor Mark Taylor46291
Councillor Taila Taylor552
Councillor Stuart Terry421
Councillor Lynda Turner36130995
Councillor Mike Ward000
Councillor Michael Wassell20919455
Councillor Alison Webb977425
Councillor David Wickerson751
Councillor David Wickham000
Councillor Nigel Wilkin31228614
Councillor Peter Wilkinson14414138
Councillor David Williams JP1858211